Scrapbook News and Review, baby!

I just got asked to be a "Staffer" at Scrapbook News and Review Magazine.
If there's a sound of a jaw dropping on the floor - now would be the time to insert that wav.file right here. I'm stunned. I've been published by them several times and love working with them absolutely but hadn't even thought about a position with the magazine before - this invitation came completely out of the blue for me. I am honoured and flattered and all that embarrassing stuff...but mostly excited to dive into this amazing E-zine and see where I will fit in.
Come check them out!!


beautyinallthings said...

AWESOME!!! I love it when God surprises us with loving the gifts he has given us and gives us places we LOVE to use them!

Danielle said...

Hi Cathy!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! You are so sweet!

Your 3 blogs are great! I had to stop by each of them. OMG! you shouldn't be surprised by the invitation to work with SNR. You have quiet a resume!!

I am excited to have found SNR, and I am glad to be meeting people like you!!

Happy Holidays!

Deanne Burton said...

Cool stuff! Congrats!!!