Scrappy Giraffe Kits - June 07

My layout - "Getting in is Half the Fun" is being published in the Winter '08 Issue of Canadian Scrapbooker!! I'll replace it here sometime in the New Year :)

I absolutely love Cosmo Cricket - I was so excited about this being the kit choice for June! It's so boyish and patrioticly American that I couldn't resist doing a few cards like this:

Kindergarten field trip

SO, today I got to go on Egan's field trip to the farm. I love being a SAHM so I can do this. We saw almost everything here - goats and cows, sheep and chickens, a donkey and a sheepdog, bunnies and kittens, ducks and chicks....and on and on. It was really, really fun. And even the 1 hour busride (and 1 hour back too, mind you) wasn't so bad.

On the way home Egan was sitting with the 2 little girls who were in his group on the field trip and I noticed him looking a little frustrated with all the attention and all the noise around him so I snuck him around the seat and pulled him onto my lap. I was rewarded with this lovely smooch! (We were playing with the camera and he'll pose for me every time). And almost directly after the kiss, I noticed that he was awfully still...and he'd fallen asleep on my lap. Now, normally I'm not a sappy mom...but it struck me that this is a moment. I'll never again be on a kindergarten field trip with any of my kids....and never again get to have them fall asleep on my lap in the I must have taken about 25 pictures of him asleep on my lap, hoping to get one that would capture it, but really, nothing captures the fullness of your heart when you realize how lucky you really are.
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Softball Finals and the Fair

As if we really needed more sun after that field trip - Friday night and all day Saturday Mica had softball finals. She played really hard - most of her team did - but it was a VERY long day for these girls. They came in 4th out of 5 teams losing finally in the bronze medal round. Then on the way home we stopped to use up some free ride coupons Trev had for the fair at the mall. The boys had a blast (as you can see) on their favourite - The Dragon Wagon....and Mica, our usually go-go-go ride girl, puked after the Pirate Ship ride (Poor thing - it was just too much after her day in the sun) but that turned out OK too 'cause now she has a story to tell everyone - LOL. We're going to try to find some shade and some sleep this week I think.
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Grade 3 Critter-Dipping

This was my day today. My DD's grade 3 class went to St. Malo - a provincial park, beach, campground area around here and saw the spillway and went Critter Dipping. They had these nets (small strainers on a pole) and buckets and they set the kids loose in the marsh. At first the kids were cautious (I think they'd been told if they got too wet they'd have to sit out) but soon everyone who had rubber boots - including my DD and her friend here - were in WAY deeper than the boots were designed for. There was sloshing and slushing all the way back to our bus as these kids walked home in their boots full of water. One kid even caught the catfish in the bucket by having it swim into his boot as he was wading. Mica's friend caught the big bug in the bottom right corner - really gross - except it's a dragonfly nymph - it'll shed it's shell and turn into a dragonfly....ain't God crazy-creative??
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Grad and Dad cards - for selling

And please excuse the random-ness of these pictures - I'm still new to figuring out Blogger's picture placement.

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I got some LOs done this week!!!!! Sorry for all exclamation marks but it was a very exciting thing for me. After a month of altered stuff and cards galore - it was nice to be back at this....and this more simple, graphic style has been rattling around in my head all month crying to get out. I think I really like it. TFL.
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