I know lots of people are waiting for before-and-after photos of the Dome I moved into.....and they're me.  I'm finally off work for the summer and can devote more than 5 minutes a day to renos.  So the before-and-after shots ARE coming.  I promise.  I've already done lots around here and I've got a few more major things to finish up.

In the mean was time for a little bit of a personal before-and-after makeover.

This is me - before.  My hair grows like CRAZY....and last year I made a "huge" change and finally cut bangs but this time it was time for a real change.

After:  Shorty-short-short.  I love it.  I feel like this might be my best weight-loss plan ever.  Looking forward to no time spent in the bathroom doing my hair, no headaches from ponytails, and hats!

THANK YOU so much to Elisa Griffin-Boily at Serenity Spa (which just happens to be a 2 minute walk from my house!) She's amazing!!!!