Clear Scraps Blog: ~BIG WINNER & Fun NEW GIVEAWAY!!~

Did you know Clear Scraps gives away a prize EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY?? I know, right? It's awesome.
Come check it out.

Clear Scraps Blog: ~BIG WINNER & Fun NEW GIVEAWAY!!~

I made my very first video tutorial for Clear Scraps last week to be posted Easter Sunday morning. The video shows how to make an acrylic Easter basket but the theme of the basket isn't really that important - it could just as easily be a party favour basket or a gift basket to give something to a teacher or a coach. Grab a sheet of acrylic, your Scor-Pal, some scissors and some's really that easy.

Simple Joy Easter weekend

Three more photos for you....and a revelation for me.

Simple Joy 113:  This book:  Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts.  If you've never read it - read it.  If you've never heard of her - go here to her blog:  A Holy Experience  It will change the way you see your world.

Simple Joy 114:  Paska.  Easter buns.  Or, as the twins call them:  Sparkle buns.  I think that says it all.  Who wouldn't want Sparkle buns for breakfast??

Simple Joy 115:  It's BBQ season.  Yu-uh-um.  That's right.  I love it so much, I made YUM into a 3-syllable word!  These veggies are coated with Olive oil, a little brown sugar and some fresh garlic.  Yum!

And a revelation to me after these last 2 pics.  
I know I've said before that I seem to have a food theme going here with my Simple Joy photos.  
I think I know why now.  
During this past year, many things have weighed on my mind....not the least of which has been, "Will I have enough money to provide basics like food for my kids."  
And every day, I do.  
My bank account is like the widow's oil.  
Not overflowing....but never empty.  
And I find myself, very often, sitting down to say grace before a meal thinking, "I am honestly NOT just saying these words because I always do.  I really, really mean them.  I'm so thankful for this food that you've provided God.  It is a gift for me, directly from your hand."
And the profoundness of it for me?  It's not just bare necessity's delicious, colourful, flavourful, interesting and abundant.  
He really does give good gifts to his children.  
And in them, I'm finding more and more joy each day.

A very Good Friday for Joy

First of all...before I forget, Clear Scraps Top-Load 12x12 albums are shipping NOW.  If you haven't seen these've got to check them out.  2- 12x12 acrylic covers, acrylic hinges and posts included and page protectors inside:  the possibilities for personalizing these album covers are endless. 

See them here:  Clear Scraps Top Load albums  and keep reading for another of my own examples (I had some time to scrap a little last weekend!!)

And since it's Good Friday - it seemed like the perfect day to reflect on a few more things that have brought me Joy this month.

Simple Joy 98: A nailpolish station set up at the Ladies Retreat I attended......I've needed a Spring Pedicure for a long time already and finally got my chance!  Thanks Cheryl.

Simple Joy 99: The 3 roommates that I spent this weekend with.  I love you guys - you were just what I needed.

Simple Joy 100:  Communion.  Best communion ever, I think.  You know how sometimes it feels like all you have time for is little tiny nibbles of what God might have for you (like the little cracker and teeny glass of juice we usually get for communion in church?).  Well this morning we had 1/2 of a tumbler full of juice and a large chunk of fresh bread.  The symbolism of having an entire mouthful of bread and not being able to take all the juice in in one swallow was powerful for me...I want MORE moments when I have almost more of God than I can comprehend at one time - big gulps, a mouthful of his goodness, instead of just a nibble here and there.

Simple Joy 101: Not that I'm glad it has snowed AGAIN....but who can deny how beautiful this is.

Simple Joy 102: Seriously?  This is where you slept last night?  You crack me up, kitty.

Simple Joy 103:  Sushi.  Homemade sushi with fresh avacado and cream cheese.  Yum.

Simple Joy 104: A spring-cleaned garage.  I still want to find some old kitchen cabinets to hide the clutter of what I do need to keep in here but I do love the purge process and getting it swept out for summer.

Simple Joy 105: A day to do some scrapbooking.  This is one of the new 12x12 Acrylic Top-Load albums from Clear Scraps.  Funnest thing ever :)

Simple Joy 106: I love seeing Artwork up in a store, knowing that I can do something like it and I won't have to pay $60 for it.  I took this picture of 2 canvases that I am going to try to use as inspiration for a painted canvas for my bathroom.....I'll let you know how it turns out.

Simple Joy 107:  Easter program at church.  Mica's outgrown this age-group but the boys are both singing in this choir.

Simple Joy 108:  This young man is enjoying his Tim's after his Junior High Orientation evening.  He's so excited about both :)

Simple Joy 109: Can you even guess what this is?  
It's the windshield of my van, inside the automatic car wash.  There is something very joy-full I think about sitting, listening to music and having a job done for you by robots.  I think I would fit in well in the Jetson's world.

Simple Joy 110:  My laptop, on my bed.  Since we don't have cable or satellite right now,  I've been using it to watch the TV shows that I love....and way too many of them.  So, for a 10-day stretch, I'm going to use it only to blog, email and work.  No TV.  I'm hoping this fast will help me catch up on some sleep I've been missing and some Bible Reading I've been procrastinating on.

Simple Joy 111: I actually labeled this one Profound Joy 111.   I woke the kids up this morning with "happy Maunday Thursday" and since they didn't know what that was...we had to look it up.  It is the Thursday of the Holy Week (week before Easter) and it's significance is the celebration of the Last Supper (before Jesus was crucified).  When we read that on Wikipedia.....Egan's first response was, "We should have communion at supper tonight."  How can I pass up on an opportunity like that???  Of course we should, and we did.  Grape juice, a ripped apart fresh bun, and a really meaningful talk and prayer with the 4 of us.  

 Simple Joy 112:  A lovely day for a drive to Morden, and some great pictures of the flooded areas that we had to drive past.  I got a kick out of this sign:  Road Closed, Local Traffic Only.  As if there was a road that even local traffic could go on.  I know this water will recede very was fun to go see it while it was cresting.

Happy Easter weekend!
He is Risen!

Clear Scraps + Imaginisce

This week is Imaginisce Week at the Clear Scraps blog....come on over and see what our Design Team has cooked up pairing these 2 companies together.  You won't be sorry!  And you REALLY have to see what 2 of the designers have done heating up the acrylic and shaping it.  

My own project will be on this coming Sunday so stay tuned there....and here :)  

Hint...'s one of the new Clear Scraps 12x12 acrylic Top-Load albums which, by the way, Are Shipping As of This Week!!  They're amazing!  The possibilities for personalized scrapbook albums are endless.

Friday giveaway at Clear Scraps

Don't know if you knew this...all my crafty friends out there, 
but Clear Scraps has a giveaway every Friday on their blog.  
Here's today's offering:

It's  chance to win this... 


...a Spring-themed 6"x12" mixed acrylic & chipboard album.  This are so fun to finish out.  If you've never ever even tried acrylic - this is a great place to start b/c you get to experiment on the acrylic and still have the safety of some chipboard mixed in there! 

It really is the little things...

 Simple Joy 91:  Date night with my daughter - smoothies!

Simple Joy 92: Homemade tomato sauce (pizza & pasta) project finished over Spring Break!

Simple Joy 93:  Getting a little messy with some paint - hopefully this recycled canvas will be a piece of art for my bathroom soon.

Simple Joy 94: This cutsie apron, made for me by my friend Ange

 Simple Joy 95: My boys, helping unload and load the dishwasher.

Simple Joy 96: An uneventful visit to the walk-in clinic....glad to have it, glad to not need it often.

Simple Joy 97: This lovely box of goodies from Clear Scraps...including some amazing things from Imaginisce and the iRock that I've been drooling over for some time now.  Below, some cards I made tonight with the Imaginisce Hot Rocks (pearl).

Check out the Clear Scraps blog this weekend....always great inspiration and probably some goodies to win too :)

Simple Joy 60-90 (a whole month of Joy!)

I'm way behind.  I've been really enjoying taking pictures of things that bring me Joy this year but I really haven't had blogging time order to catch up:  Here's my Joyful March photos :)

Simple Joy 60: A friend who's been doing my Gel nails a her home....I'm going to grow them out now finally but they've really been a treat to have!

Simple Joy 61: My local MCC thrift store - this place is a treasure trove.

 Simple Joy 62: A great big pile of hockey skates that my kids have outgrown.  We're donating them to our school for all the kids that don't have skates to bring to school for the skating field trips/gym classes.

Simple Joy 63: My street intersection....I took this picture while out on a walk....I'm so anxious for Spring.

Simple Joy 64:  When we ended our cable subscription, we opted for Netflix and set up our old Wii that didn't read discs on the TV in my room.  I love having the kids all sprawled in my bed watching cartoons :)

 Simple Joy 65:  This rocking chair helped me put all 3 of my kids to sleep but I really felt that I was supposed to give it away now rather than save it for a garage sale.....and I got to bless a new young mom in the city with it.  I'm going to pray that her babies sleep well after being rocked in it too.

Simple Joy 66: Puddles.  Yay...Spring's on the way!

Simple Joy 67:  Watching my daughter sing in her school choir.

Simple Joy 68:  Cute kitty in a cast  (a really minor vet visit and he kicked this cast off within 15 minutes of being home).

Simple Joy 69:  My friend Ange. We've been friends for nearly 20 years!

Simple Joy 70: Mica took this photo actually....a gorgeous sunset.

Simple Joy 71: Vintage casserole dishes

Simple Joy 72: Mango smoothies

Simple Joy 73: French Onion Soup....YUM!

Simple Joy 74: A new spot to do devotions in the morning....a living room chair.  Hopefully this will be better than snuggling back down into bed - that always makes it a toss-up (devotions or more sleep)

Simple Joy 75: D&S, my 2 breakfast girls.....they keep me in stitches!!
 Simple Joy 76: Cale & Mica playing the invisible-rope-across-the-street practical joke on a nice Spring day!

Simple Joy 77:  Grandma & Grandpa out to visit....Grandpa just got back from a missions trip to Mexico and brought the kids some blankets

Simple Joy 78: First BBQing of the season!

Simple Joy 79:  Last snowman of the season (we hope)

Simple Joy 80: New red shoes.  I'm having to be pretty practical about purchases right now but these were cool... and the right price.  Cale loves them!

Simple Joy 81:  Mica giving a French speech...winning both her school's competition and the divisional competition - earning her a spot at Provincials.

Simple Joy 82:  A large pile of Clear Scraps acrylic pieces.  Some of these are leftovers from previous projects but all of them can still have some use on cards - a great Spring Break project (see previous post)

 Simple Joy 83: Finding things on the yard as the snow melts (ie: this boomerang)

 Simple Joy 84:  Smiling happy faces on their way out the door for the last day of school before Spring Break

 Simple Joy 85: watching my van's odometer turn to 158000...and realizing it's been a really reliable vehicle for us (PTL)

Simple Joy 86: Skateboard tricks - must be Spring!

Simple Joy 87:  Spring Break day trip to the city including a stop at the Titanic Exhibit

Simple Joy 88:  Slugging through the last of the snow to dig bikes out of the shed for Spring

Simple Joy 89:  Spring Break MCC road trip with Maria & girls

Simple Joy 90:  Hot-tubbing at Grandma & Grandpa's house after a long day of thrift store treasure hunting