Simple Joy Easter weekend

Three more photos for you....and a revelation for me.

Simple Joy 113:  This book:  Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts.  If you've never read it - read it.  If you've never heard of her - go here to her blog:  A Holy Experience  It will change the way you see your world.

Simple Joy 114:  Paska.  Easter buns.  Or, as the twins call them:  Sparkle buns.  I think that says it all.  Who wouldn't want Sparkle buns for breakfast??

Simple Joy 115:  It's BBQ season.  Yu-uh-um.  That's right.  I love it so much, I made YUM into a 3-syllable word!  These veggies are coated with Olive oil, a little brown sugar and some fresh garlic.  Yum!

And a revelation to me after these last 2 pics.  
I know I've said before that I seem to have a food theme going here with my Simple Joy photos.  
I think I know why now.  
During this past year, many things have weighed on my mind....not the least of which has been, "Will I have enough money to provide basics like food for my kids."  
And every day, I do.  
My bank account is like the widow's oil.  
Not overflowing....but never empty.  
And I find myself, very often, sitting down to say grace before a meal thinking, "I am honestly NOT just saying these words because I always do.  I really, really mean them.  I'm so thankful for this food that you've provided God.  It is a gift for me, directly from your hand."
And the profoundness of it for me?  It's not just bare necessity's delicious, colourful, flavourful, interesting and abundant.  
He really does give good gifts to his children.  
And in them, I'm finding more and more joy each day.


Carolynn said...

thank you Cathy...I need this this morning!

Maria said...

those veggies look SO good!!!

Maria said...

totally want to read that book now!!!