Must be SPRING!!

It's spring break and it's really, really Spring!! Finally. Can't tell you how much I dislike winter and am looking forward to shorts/sandals weather. But this will be a good segue. Trev took some pics the other day of our kids blowing bubbles on the driveway. The dog was chasing and eating them and it's just been so good to get the bikes and bubbles and sidewalk chalk out again. Chalky play pants are a sign of Spring to me!!

More with SGK March 07

Some Coasters:

And my LO with the word Luck or Lucky in it for the DT challenge:


No picture today....but I've been asked by some family members if they could have the link to my blog so....Yes, you can...and I guess I'd better keep this better updated from now on, eh?

This weekend is finally over. I love family time. LOVE it! But I also love getting back into routine and having my family under my roof, kwim? Steve & Suze were out for a reception to celebrate their Dec. wedding. So fun to see them again - they seem like a perfect match for each other and she fits in so well with our family. We're very lucky to have her. And Kev & Alanne were out too with the boys - that's always good. Again - it took our boys about 1/2 a second to jump in and resume playing where they left off at Christmastime. If they weren't cousins....they'd still be friends!

That's it for now. I'll try to find some great pics to go with the next post!!


More playing with SGK (March 07)...

Just finished this Fold out Family album. I've left mattes for 2 - 3x4 pics and 4 - 2x3 pics. Everything is March SGKit except the chipboard (Aug. 06 kit) and the antique brass embellishments (Forever in Time - $ store). Thanks for looking.

Blog maintenance

I just had to take 3 LOs down from here 'cause MM 601 Great Ideas book called (well, emailed) for them. Yahoo! That's some blog maintenance I sure don't mind doing!!


I used to have a sign up in my locker in high school that said, "Deadlines Amuse Me." What it should have said, or what my sign would say NOW, is that "Deadlines Inspire Me." When I first applied for a couple of Design Teams I said in my application that I loved deadlines and the challenge of completing something on a deadline. I also told companies that I loved the challenge of completing projects with a limited amount of product (ie: a kit). Well....2 of my kits came this week and they were more fun than I ever imagined they'd be. My Paperdillies kit commitment is to do a 6-page album and over the past weekend, I finished my first album from their kit which ended up being 25 pages long (44 pictures!!). My Scrappy Giraffe kit came on Friday and I've already got one jewelry box done and I'm on my way downstairs right now to play some more - it's so full of yumminess!! Take a look at my new projects on MY ART blog!!

Scrappy Giraffe Kit March '07

This package from Scrappy Giraffe Kits took some time getting here from the US too but I couldn't wait to dive in. Such a huge pile of yumminess.

I found this jewelry box at a local thrift store and re-covered it for one of the little girls I babysit (I give gifts at the end of the school year 'cause I don't babysit in summer). I used the paper, alphas, rub-ons, tie-back and stencils from the March Kit. The stickles are from a previous SGKit. Only the primas and that jewel are not from SGK.

Summer Vacation mini-album (Paperdillies Kit March '07)

I got my Design Team stuff!!! I love being Canadian and all but the slow postal service really gets to me sometimes.

PaperDillies showed up on Thursday. My commitment to them was an album cover and 6 pages but this project took on a life of it's own. By Monday morning, it was, including cover: 25 pages with 44 pictures of our summer vacation last year in Kleefeld (at the In-laws, 10 minutes from our home). Here are a few shots - I won't bore you with all 25 pages.
Some of my recent work:

Sport Meets Art was published in Scrapbooking Memories (Aust.)

It's good to be Canadian was just published in Scrapbook News & Review's 1st issue (May '08)