The big day.

Egan's football season closed this year with a big hurrah! He played a couple of quick games in a round robin tournament at CanadInn Stadium - home of the Wpg. Blue Bombers!! He was thrilled...even more so b/c he got a convert (and I caught it on video!). He's one proud boy - showing off his participation trophy to anyone and everyone. I wish Cale's team had made the playoffs and he'd had the chance to play here this weekend but he was a GREAT big brother and cheered on Egan all the way.

Clear Scraps Acrylic Christmas ornaments

I've been waiting and waiting to get some of these - ever since I saw them for the first time at CHA this summer....Clear Scraps acrylic Christmas ornaments. They were so fun to alter. I used Magic Mesh
as a mask to paint through on the front and then inked the back with Teal Staz-on....ain't it cute? Add a little bit of Glitz bling and some Hambly transparencies and away we go :) Can't wait to hang these on the tree this year....if only I can talk my kids out of paper chains and popcorn wreaths.

***ETA: I'm hoping these are going into a Magic Mesh BOOK that's being published so I've pulled the pictures temporarily. Sorry about that :)

Penny Black Stamp Class I'm teaching

I don't think I've ever shared pictures on here of classes that I teach at The Scrapbook Cottage (my LSS).
I should post stuff like this more often, maybe. Tonight I'm teaching an AAM mini-album (Jenni Bowlin chipboard album) and last month I designed an acrylic tag book (Clear Scraps Acrylic) for back-to-school. From now till the end of the year I think it's Christmas card classes unless I do one more acrylic layout class as a "last-minute-gift-idea" class. I'll post some past class projects here later. For cards with Penny Black Stamps. A bit out of my comfort zone with all the colouring but these type of cards go over really well in my city and I have to admit, the water-colour pencils were very fun to play with.

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I'm off to MN.

I'm going to Women of Faith in Minneapolis/St. Paul this weekend! I'm really excited that it's all worked out - it was a bit of a journey and I'm sure that God has something really cool planned in the end. My bus that I'd paid to go on, left at 7am this morning and I really wanted to be on it but my school division denied my day off (typical, apparently, although this was the first time I'd ever requested a day off). So...after ads in the classifieds and emails to everyone I know....I have a ride with a teacher from my school to Wpg, where I'm catching a bus with a teacher from another school who's choir is going to Mn for a fun weekend...and from their hotel (at 1am) I'll be taking a taxi to my hotel. My luggage went on ahead of me with my hotel roommate and when I get there I think she'll probably have been sweet enough to have my bed made up and my PJ's waiting for me. I'm going to fall into bed (and pray for coffee for breakfast the next morning).

I won, I won.

Here's the link to the Daily Window Blog again and my cards are up! I'm getting a free bag!! Yippee!!

Did I mention, I love MCC?

Today I found purses....lots of cutsie purses. Can't wait to clean these all up. I may end up selling them but I'm first going to use them and see which ones FEEL good...purses are kinda like shoes that way, aren't they? I bought the bottom courdoroy one for Mica. OH, and did I mention that the most expensive one was $1!! Haha....I love MCC!

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Season Cards

You have got to check out this awesome site: Daily Window
This company makes these great bags...lunch bags, diaper bags, laptop bags, Bible covers, all kinds of bags, with Clear plastic windows in them for putting pictures or layouts, or cards in. So pretty much, you're carrying around a piece of art with you.

They are having a contest right now too - create a Christmas card and some alternate cards that could be swapped out in the window after Christmas is over. Here's my alternate cards - I'm really pleased with how these turned out and I got to use up a whole bunch of my Rose Moka paper and the alphabet stickers that I'd been hoarding.

Thanks for looking!

Boys night/ Girls night

We've segregated ourselves for the evening. One group (I'm pretty sure you can guess who) is at the Blue Bomber Game...and the other watched Bridge to Terabithia.
and I'm not ashamed to say that even though this was the second time I've seen it, I still cried like a baby. Sheesh. Mica wasn't with us the first time we saw it in the movie theatre and I knew right away that she'd love it so when she pulled the audio book out of the library this month, I told her when she was done it, we'd have a girls' night and watch the movie. She cried too for a long time, leaning into me and watching the movie out of one eye and watching my tears roll down my cheeks with the other. Very bonding. She's got the softest heart already....this story is perfect for her.

Anyway...the boys should be home soon - I'm assuming the 2 little ones will be sleeping in the van but that may not be so - the excitement of a Bomber Game and of having Grandpa and Daddy to themselves may be too much for them :)

We'll see.

I'm going back to church!

Funny thing to say....but we've been away from church for nearly 3 months due to Cale's Sunday morning football games this fall. It was an amazing season and he's completely smitten with the game so it was valuable family time....but WOW - this morning we walked into church just after 9am and the worship team was doing their pre-service 20 min. worship and seriously, I got chills. Just walking in. I've missed it and it was VERY good to be back.

Just thought I'd share that :)


It's World Card-Making Day...

...that might not mean much to many of you...but if you know me at all, you know that I love days like my jammies, kids all sleeping in the afternoon, football on to keep Trev occupied :)

Here's what I worked on...a card for a Basic Grey challenge and a set of 20 Thanksgiving cards for a co-worker.