I'm off to MN.

I'm going to Women of Faith in Minneapolis/St. Paul this weekend! I'm really excited that it's all worked out - it was a bit of a journey and I'm sure that God has something really cool planned in the end. My bus that I'd paid to go on, left at 7am this morning and I really wanted to be on it but my school division denied my day off (typical, apparently, although this was the first time I'd ever requested a day off). So...after ads in the classifieds and emails to everyone I know....I have a ride with a teacher from my school to Wpg, where I'm catching a bus with a teacher from another school who's choir is going to Mn for a fun weekend...and from their hotel (at 1am) I'll be taking a taxi to my hotel. My luggage went on ahead of me with my hotel roommate and when I get there I think she'll probably have been sweet enough to have my bed made up and my PJ's waiting for me. I'm going to fall into bed (and pray for coffee for breakfast the next morning).


Oh Scrap!! said...

Enjoy your trip Cathy!!!!

The Biehns said...

Praying that the weekend will be a blessing...and that the Friday night adventure went smoothly.
Can't wait to hear an update.