I love MCC

We have a store in our city called the MCC Thrift Store - run by the Mennonite Central Committee which sends money and workers to disasters and other impoverished nations, etc....a really great cause! So, all the money you spend at the MCC goes to help, PLUS: it is a virtual treasure trove of everything you could ever want (Trev calls it junk even though he bought a Whirlitzer (sp?) there for only $35 that we could sell on ebay for more than $1000) So, today I shopped with Lynette - she says that she learned to Thrift-shop from me, but this is a classic case of the 'student' far surpassing the 'teacher' because she finds the BEST stuff for me when I'm there. Today, nearly brand new Snow Board pants for Cale ($2.50), a gorgeous pink winter ski jacket for Mica ($2.50), pants for Mica from Esprit ($2.00), Vests for all the kids ($1.00-$1.50) and even a skirt and a pair of jeans for me. Also I found a few more books for the kids. At the rate they go through chapter books, who can afford $8 each at a bookstore, when I can get them for $0.25 each and support MCC? And here's my crafty purchase of the day - a bag of little tiny jewelry boxes...$1.00. I have visions of tiny Christmas presents, mini-albums, treasure boxes and shadow boxes dancing in my head.
And this magnetic sculpture thing - it's a magnet base with tiny little metal X's and O's. Would these not make the cutest little Valentine cards?
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Finally.....my Rose Moka work

I have to apologize....to my team, mostly....I've had Rose Moka creations ready to go for awhile and I've been a slacker at getting this stuff posted to my blog and gallery. I'm so crazy about this paper - it's so beautiful - amazing colours, great weight....I think I'm smitten. So, without further ado....here are a few of my latest creations with Rose Moka: (By the way - check out their blog for a sneak peek at their new fall line...delicious!)

(imagine how excited I was that my boys' football uniforms matched this teal/yellow paper)

(my biggest issue with gorgeous paper, is how to make the first cuts....I'm such a hoarder. This seemed like a great solution to that)

My second Tim's layout using a label from the coffee can....but this time en francais :) ETA: The editor-in-chief of Style & Scrap magazine apparently likes this layout. I think I like her A Lot :)

Single - and NOT lovin' it

Trev's on a business trip. It doesn't happen very often...thank goodness. Just often enough to remind me that I need him and that I miss him when he's gone. Often enough to remind me that we were meant to be a team for a reason. Mica prayed tonight and thanked God for a "mommy-night" and that's very special...but I'm really, really glad these nights are few and far between. Love you Trev - come home quickly.

Grand Beach

We had to travel to Wpg. for football this morning and as a last minute (seriously - 10 minutes before we left the house) thing, we decided to pack to go to the beach after football. Grand Beach is another hour north of the city....but we were hot and sweaty from sitting outside watching football (or in Cale's case - from playing the game for 2 hours) so we went for it. We only spent about 3 hours there but it was perfect weather!! There was lots of playing in the sand, lots of diving to catch footballs...and lots of sand where there really shouldn't be sand. We'll take care of that with a shower tomorrow.

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Back from Bible Camp

An alternate blog post title could be "Blast from the past" for me. I picked up Mica & Cale at Roseau River Bible Camp this past Friday....and OH. My. Word. All my childhood camp memories came flooding back - I had goosebumps. It was awesome. I remember camp being one of the best weeks of my year for many years running...and to have my kids have that same kind of high and excitement is really, really cool. Even Cale, who's normally not outwardly excitable, was going on and on about how great camp was. After the last chapel they had to take me to see the new adventure skill area with swinging bridge and zip line. I'm so thankful for this camp and all the amazing staff who made this an awesome week for my kids!

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A beautiful day

My oldest 2 are away at camp (*slightly sad for me, but they're having so much fun that it's hard to begrudge them that)....and my day was spent drinking coffee, talking and scrapping with my best friend Maria while my youngest played with her girls....it was a beautiful day. I finished several cards, and started a great layout and an altered organizer and finished a mini-album.....after a dry spell I love to scrap with Maria...soaking in her genius. Here are a few of my latest creations:

The first 2 with Rose Moka

and the next 4 with some new Glitz Designs stuff: