May SGKit!

The PP (7 Gypsies) and the flowers (Prima) and buttons (also Prima) and Brad/flower/ribbon set (Delish Designs) from the May SGKit came in early so that's what I've been working with. I've altered a desk organizer I found at my local thrift store - a tiny box for all my Teeny alphabet stamps after my major purge - and made a Mother's Day card and a Birthday Calendar. Thanks for having a look!!

Blog Challenge from Chara

Chara's on a secret mission and asked us to do this survey on our here goes. First, a disclaimer. Especially the first 2 questions - are based purely on how I like these actors in movies - I don't follow the gossip stuff so they may be jerks in real life and I'd never know it.


#1 Favorite female celebrity - Julia Roberts

#2 favorite male celebrity - Matthew McConaughey

#3 your dream job - stay-at-home-MOM/paid scrapper

#4 favorite dessert - Grasshopper pie

#5 favorite scrappy company - This changes as the lines change but my fav. RIGHT NOW is Scenic Route

Not sure what Chara's mission is and what all these things have to do with each other, unless.....maybe Julia and Matthew are coming down to offer me enough $$$ to do my dream job and with a gift basket from SR - and in return, I'll make them a generous helping of Grasshopper pie!!! Yeah....that's it. That's the ticket.

Mother's Day

So this is what I woke up to Mother's Day morning - my DD's smiling face and a Barbie tray with a bowl of Golden Grahams (or Cinnamon Toast Crunch maybe...) and a glass of milk. Also this Gi-normous card that she made without my knowledge or any help from me. A great start to a great day!!

Their teacher apparently asked them to either write a poem or a tongue twister so Mica wrote:

She bakes banana bread for breakfast
and will surely shop for shoes.

I laughed long and hard!!
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My LSS got these 7 Gypsies Speech Bubble stamps in and the owner said if I made her a few cards with them to display in the store, I could keep the stamp!!! I should just carry around a sign that says, "Will work for scrapping supplies" 'cause an offer like that is Right Up My Alley!! Anyway...these are the cards I made. My kids are super-pumped about having a stamp like this within their grasp because they're envisioning all types of comic-book style artwork! Thanks Cheri!!
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Confession time: I'm impatient

I was reminded again this morning how impatient I am. I have my breadmaker going to make buns for lunch....but it's too slow to make 1 batch, so I have 2 in there....and I'm making cookies (Finally - my kids are starting to forget what cookies are) and is a single batch enough?? No, not even a double batch is enough because I know that I can squeeze 3 batches into my mixer...and my theory is, "If I can....why wouldn't I??" Sheesh. Better get baking these cookies 'cause I can't physically bake buns and cookies at the same time. And a convection oven at this point would only feed this impatient spirit I think.
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Here's my baby girl....well...almost 9 a major school play. She was so PROUD to be playing Hoot Gibson - the owl (far right) in "Once Upon a Lilypad" I got all teary watching her - and my son in the chorus. Oh man, I'm such a sap!! Never been more discontent with my camera though - sorry about this picture.
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Whoa!!!! Where did that month go??

Does life seem like it's spiralling out of control - going so fast you can't catch your breath?? Or is it just me?

I'm going to do better at blogging. I haven't taken many pics just for fun for awhile so that's going to be my new goal.

Today - this is my life: piles and piles of laundry.
And I get to scrap this afternoon if - IF - I get the laundry done and when my kids are all at school and the baby I babysit goes down for a nap!!

But I have done tons with my newest kit from SGK. Love their stuff - really pushes me out of my box....that's for sure. Check out what I've done on My ART Blog

And I think I may have met a new friend online friend who may be an IRL friend soon?? Funny how that works. Just this past week I met IRL, a girl from Wpg who I met online. Small world. In my head I keep hearing George (from Seinfeld) yelling "Worlds collide, Jerry, Worlds collide"

April SGK - so nice it practically scrapped itself