My Grandma, and Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg

ETA: This layout will be appearing in Making Memories "Big Book of Scrapbook Ideas" later in 2010....I'm really excited because I love this layout and I'm glad I got a chance to scrapbook a picture of my with my Grandmas since she won't be around too much longer :(

Guess what showed up on my doorstep last week......Cosmo Cricket's NUTMEG. I know I've said it before but seriously people - CC's lines get cuter and cuter every single time. Earth Love is probably my favourite but the little birdies and squirrels in Nutmeg are tooooo cute!

Anyway, all the little stickers and chipboard sayings inspired me to dig out this photo of me & my Grandma that I've been saving to scrapbook with something special. She's in a home now and probably won't be around for much, much longer...and she's my step-Grandma to begin with...but this woman prays for me like no one else and has taught me so much about the importance of loving your family, doing the right thing and keeping everyone covered in prayer.

Christmas cards :)

For someone who HATES the cold weather so much (Yes, I said HATES),
I, a.) live way to far north and
b.) have way too much fun making Christmas cards

Here's my stash so far - 97 and counting. Thank you Maria, my friend, for an amazing over-nighter card-making session!! You are my sanity, you know that, right?

And here are some of my favourites....using of course, my favourite Christmas lines this year:


Cosmo Cricket Jolly by Golly

Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses

And, if all goes well this weekend (ie: the kids behave and DH finds a buddy to watch football with), I'd love to be able to double that boxfull by the end of the weekend.

If you happen to live in my area and need Christmas cards....I'm selling these by the way, either at Heier Designs (florist in the mall) or at Schellenberg's in Kleefeld, or privately from me ($4 each or 5/$15 - slightly more if you need custom work done). Email me at if you need some Christmas cards :)

Plumber Brothers and a Gigantic Big Mac

Mario & Luigi have come to live at my house this weekend...
..bring on the candy :)

Ok, first of all - aren't they cute?
And they're mine.....mwahhahaha

Second "cute" thing this halloween....Trev's on-air staff got together and made a pumpkin Big Mac. It was an in-house carving contest so they didn't win because they didn't do a lot of "carving" but they definitely win in my books for most creative um, thing made out of a pumpkin.

This is currently on display (for this day only I think) at our local McDonald's that not the coolest thing ever?? Kudos to Candace for excellent "sesame seed" placement!

Winner of Wall Art Adhesive

I used to pick and it chose:

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#29 is Vianna.

Vianna said...

This is one album I wish I could peruse in its entirety - a fabulous creation! I was particularly touched by the page dedicated to the little visitor from heaven that departed all too soon; it's something our family can relate too, and with your permission, I will use the same idea/lyrics to make a page for our own album. During the early 1900's, particularly in other countries, it was not unusual to loose a baby immediately after birth; it was a time when many babies were born at home and they hardly took pictures back then. Again, a wonderful album, it showcases your talent and the many hours you put into it. Thank you for info on GlueArts - I'll be sure to follow their Facebook goings-on.

October 18, 2009 6:47 PM

Thank you Vianna for your kind words - absolutely you may borrow my idea - someone suggested it to me as well....and if it helps in the healing or the remembering, it's all yours. Also all yours, is the 5x5 and the 12x12 pack of Wall Art adhesive. Send me your mailing address and I'll get Glue Arts to put that in the mail for you. Enjoy!

Thanks everyone for playing! And for all your sweet comments.



Cat meets hedgehog

The kids at school have been talking about a stray kitten that's been hanging around. MY kids found it on Thursday and my DD came into the room I work in, nearly in tears b/c it was so cute and...could she please, please, please come home with me at lunch and see if it was still in the bush by the church where they left it this morning....yadayadayada. I can't blame her - she comes by this 'soft-heart-for-animals' quite naturally I'm afraid (sorry mom, for the lizards and kittens and goats and all that). So, we looked, but couldn't find it.

Then yesterday as I was walking home from school, there was a crowd of kids at the fence looking at this kitten again as it wandered in and out of the parked cars on the street. So, I picked it up and took it home of course. Now, Trev's allergic (so he says) so I knew it wasn't there to stay, but OH MAN.....I really wish it could have. By the end of the night we'd found it a good farm home but in the in-between time, the kids had a great evening of playing with a kitten and Mica introduced it to her hedgehog. We have some video that Mica's hoping will net her a sweet $10,000 prize on AFV.

Winter's here!

Today it snowed.
Although it did give our kids a thrill first thing Saturday morning!!
And I think we may have won the Evergreen Snowman contest again :) We have a contest on our street running between about 5 or 6 homes. First house to get the first snowman up during the first snowman wins. Sometime before Christmas we have a little hotchocolate party with just these homes and the winning family gets to take home a little snowman Christmas ornament for their tree. The box gets labeled with a Sharpie to commemorate the win. This year, it'll say: Schellenberg - 2009!

Ok, maybe it's more of a blob, than a snowman (the snow's not sticky). In fact, the kids have nicknamed it Blob the Tomato because of the plastic eyes I made for it.

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Friends!

When you're on a roll....why stop, that's my theory :)
This was a super fun card-making session, using up scraps and hanging out with my sister-in-law!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Canadian Friends!!

Happy Thanksgiving Canadian Friends!

When you're on a roll....why stop, that's my theory :)
This was a super fun card-making session, using up scraps and hanging out with my sister-in-law!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Canadian Friends!!

PS: Don't forget my adhesive giveaway - check out the blog post below this one :)

ETA: bigger giveaway!! Finished! A new favourite adhesive!! And a Giveaway!!

Just this past week I finished up a HUGE project for a friend of mine - she asked me to do a heritage album for her mom's 80th birthday. It was so fun to play with someone else's photos for a little while (not on a regular basis so don't call me - LOL) but I'm really glad to be done. It ended up being 49- 12x12 pages. Yikes. Here are a few highlights:

There were a lot of "people" pages - family members - so I picked a layout and stuck with it (WAY easier that way). And I chose to expand my friend's plan for this album and do double-page spreads so I could include all the photos she wanted. (I've put asterisks on the names on this page for privacy).
I used my cuttlebug and some staz-on ink to make a bunch of titles like this for several pages. I love how it turned out and it was easy to transfer this theme from page to page. The alphabet letters I used are really old (but still awesome) SEI letters. AND, I learned a great colour trick - most of my alphas were this rich burgundy colour but occasionally I ran out of that colour....did you know that the mossy green letters, covered in hot pink Copic makes burgundy? Betcha can't guess which letter is coloured.
It was really fun to play with heritage photos like this.
This family had a daughter who died at 1-day old. Very sad. Also sad....there were never any pictures of her. So this is her page in the album. Thanks to Charity @ 2peas who suggested these Twyla Paris song lyrics.

And of course, a wedding fun. Most of the album was very photo-heavy but a few pages I pared it down and made it a little more special. Also, the recipient of this album is a writer so my friend and I agreed that the album would have a bunch of blank journaling spots so that her mom could fill it all in by herself.

Lots of scripture verses and a few pages had some flowers and buttons and other embellishments on them. My friend, who is not a scrapbooker, said she never would have though of using stuff like this but that her mom loved, good then....I'm not sure I could have done a whole album without flowers and buttons anyway (whew!)

SO, it's done, and delivered and I feel that part of the process reminded me of why I scrapbook in the first place and I'm in a better place myself because of it.

NOW, About that adhesive.
I discovered Glue Arts at CHA this past summer and have completely head-over-heels, fallen in love with their entire line. I used a whole bunch of their adhesives in this album including:
For almost all the photos, The Glue Glider Pro:
For larger photos and pieces of patterned paper, the Glue Glider MAX: and for the ribbons on all the cuttlebugged title blocks, The Crop & Glue Ribbon Adhesive:A perfect line of adhesive exactly where I want my ribbon....I'm hooked. OH. And I used this:
I wasn't sure what to do with it at first but I stuck it on my blank cream-coloured cardstock, sprayed that stuff with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist (coffee shop, of course) and ran it through my Cricut for perfectly matching - and now self-adhesive - letters for my names. Looooooove it!

You have got to try this stuff for yourself. In fact....I feel so strongly that you should try it that I have a little bit I'd be willing to part with for just that cause. Post a comment here in the next 2 weeks and I'll choose a name on October 19th. I have a 5" x 5" pack of the Wall ART adhesive to give away - perfect for die-cuts!!! Trust me - you need this :)

ETA: Glue Arts has offered to add a 12x12 pack of this Wall Art to this giveaway so it's for both now, the 5x5 and the 12x12 pack!

By the way, Glue Arts is now on FACEBOOK....sign up to be a fan of theirs on facebook...they have great project ideas, and lots of giveaways on there too! Tell them Cathy sent you :)

National Card-Making Day

OK, it's a US-thing...I think....but who am I to be discriminatory.
Yesterday was National Card-making Day, so....when the laundry and ironing and yucka-stuff was all done, I made some cards. I hung out here in the afternoon - The Mosy Scrapper and made this pile of cards for some of their challenges. It felt SO good to be doing fun little projects for ME, and not as an assignment or for someone else!

On that note....I'm not sure if anyone noticed or not, but I resigned from my Stamp BOX DT. They are a fabulous company and I had so much fun with them - their stamps are great quality and the designs get better every single time - I'll miss not getting stamps in the mail and I wish Bettina and her new DT all the best. I have some stuff in my life right now that's taking the majority of my mental energy and I don't want to NOT give 100% to a team like that. SO....I'm restructuring, re-focusing and re-discovering the joy of creating.

Winner Winner - cat food dinner.

Mica entered Bear (her hedgehog) in the Pet show at the mall this weekend and shared 1st place in the "most unusual pet" catagory with the Bearded Dragon beside her....but took home Fan's choice award (decided by applause) at the end - $100 GC to the mall. And what is the first thing she thinks of when she has $100 to blow all her own? She wanted to go ask the bearded dragon's owner (second place in the Fan's choice) what the dragon liked so she could buy something for it from the pet store. Does she have a big heart, or what? We're making her think it over for a day or two so she doesn't buy something she regrets but topping her list are cat-food treats for Bear (afterall, he did all the cuteness work) and a new Webkins so she can keep her online family happy and growing.