Karate Kid & Crazy Supper

Every once & awhile around here we have what we've dubbed "Crazy supper." It doesn't really matter what we eat (sometimes deepfry, like tonight, but sometimes it's pigs-in-blankets, or leftovers, or just popcorn...) as long as we're eating in the living room, watching a movie - that's what makes it crazy....location, location, location.

Our kids had their own version of Festival Du Voyageur today at school complete with pseudo-dogsled races, taffy pulling, smooshing, snow-shoeing, crafts, bannock and hot chocolate. Needless to say, they're exhausted. And me too 'cause I had to sub this afternoon instead of just working my usual 1/2 day (I'm such a baby when I miss my nap/afternoon to myself :) ).

So, the speed tonight is crazy supper, and a movie. We bought Karate Kid for our kids awhile ago and haven't watched it with them yet. Is this not a blast from the past??

Some weekend scrapping (more Clear Scraps paired with Scraphoria!)

Clear Scraps arrow on my Scraphoria LO...my baby playing piano for his stuffed guys:
A card...more Clear Scraps (the circle) and again, Scraphoria PP & Flower:
You are my Heart album...I got to use up the last of this yummy paper from my Scraphoria kit in this project! Any chance I get to love on my family....I'll take it!

An Art Journal. I used my Bind-it-all machine to cut holes in a Clear Scraps cover and used plain white textured cardstock inside for an art journal.
Happy Birthday Princess album. My DD's 4th birthday she had a dress-up party...the girls wore dresses and the boys dressed like princes...one even brought her flowers :) (This album has been removed from my blog for consideration over at ClearAlbums.com)

The glass 1/2 full side of being sick

My family's been sick....colds and the flu and then more colds...etc....and all of that is NOT good. But the good part is that we've been kinda house-bound and therefore, more scrapping time for me :) Here's one of my favourite new mini-albums. Check out my art blog for the rest of my weekend scrapping.

Breakfast time!

I'm trying out a recipe for breakfast this morning that Maria swears by: Creamy Crockpot Oatmeal. She got it from a blog of a lady who's trying crockpot cooking for a year I think....I'm not that industrious....but if this works....I'm having this for lunch somedays when I get home from school!! I'll let you know how it turns out!

OK, back to work

I took a sick day yesterday to get over this flu...and the forecast this morning was for -37 with a windchill of -49 but that never really materialized (It's Only -35 here today)so....it's back to work. Fortunately...it's Wednesday!! The one day a week when I get the van in the afternoon due to some tricky piano-lesson-shuttle-maneuvers "for the kids" after which I get to go to Maria's for coffee. This is my 2 hours of sanity/week. A place someone understands my addiction to scrapping; where I don't have to answer to, "mommy, mommy, mommy" or "teacher, teacher, teacher"; where there's no laundry or phones or ironing or anything really.....just a good friend and a good cup of coffee. Thanks Maria!

Mother/Daughter retreat

Mica & I got to spend the weekend together at Red Rock this weekend for a Mother/Daughter weekend. It was really, really fun. Although I had the flu and had to spend some time teaching the craft sessions on Saturday - we still had lots of fun, sliding down the tube slide, snowshoeing to the island across the lake, and decorating cakes with our team of other moms & daughters (ours was so bad it didn't even rank even though 5 cakes tied for 2nd place).

I love this girl. She's so ME in so many ways that it drives me crazy and drives me to tears at the same time. I'm really hoping that I'm being the Mom I need to be for her sake. What a learning curve this parent thing is.
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Lent, an update...and a little help needed

I haven't blogged in forever, it seems. So much for that New Years' resolution :(

An update? We're all good. Work carries on as usual and I love my EA job. I seem to have some kind of cold thingy but I'm taking antibiotics and it should be gone soon. I so didn't want to be sick for the Red Rock Mother/Daughter retreat. As much fun as that's going to be leading the craft there....I'm really excited to take Mica along. Every women's thing that comes up has her asking, "Can I come, can I come??" and finally I found something to say YES to.

Lent started yesterday. I haven't fully gotten my brain around what that all means in my life but I am fasting today (from Breakfast and Lunch) and praying about something kinda specific. And I've decided that for health reasons and also Lent as a kicker, I'm giving up eating at bedtime. There's no reason for it really....it's purely social eating. We'll see. I'm hoping that as the season of Lent goes on it will take on more and more meaning for me. It's been such a Catholic-only thing in my mind for so many years that to have it even mentioned in my protestant church is something I need to wrap my brain around.

Also....please forgive my feeble attempt at a blog header. I have an old Photoshop 2.0 that I'm playing with....and if anyone can tell me what I did wrong or how to fix it, I'd really, really appreciate it. I'd love that header to spread across the whole top and be deeper too. Maybe today I'll have more time to experiment.

Blessings today!