Lent, an update...and a little help needed

I haven't blogged in forever, it seems. So much for that New Years' resolution :(

An update? We're all good. Work carries on as usual and I love my EA job. I seem to have some kind of cold thingy but I'm taking antibiotics and it should be gone soon. I so didn't want to be sick for the Red Rock Mother/Daughter retreat. As much fun as that's going to be leading the craft there....I'm really excited to take Mica along. Every women's thing that comes up has her asking, "Can I come, can I come??" and finally I found something to say YES to.

Lent started yesterday. I haven't fully gotten my brain around what that all means in my life but I am fasting today (from Breakfast and Lunch) and praying about something kinda specific. And I've decided that for health reasons and also Lent as a kicker, I'm giving up eating at bedtime. There's no reason for it really....it's purely social eating. We'll see. I'm hoping that as the season of Lent goes on it will take on more and more meaning for me. It's been such a Catholic-only thing in my mind for so many years that to have it even mentioned in my protestant church is something I need to wrap my brain around.

Also....please forgive my feeble attempt at a blog header. I have an old Photoshop 2.0 that I'm playing with....and if anyone can tell me what I did wrong or how to fix it, I'd really, really appreciate it. I'd love that header to spread across the whole top and be deeper too. Maybe today I'll have more time to experiment.

Blessings today!


Lena said...

I can just make you a layout cathy... seriously let me know...I would love to help ya out!