Karate Kid & Crazy Supper

Every once & awhile around here we have what we've dubbed "Crazy supper." It doesn't really matter what we eat (sometimes deepfry, like tonight, but sometimes it's pigs-in-blankets, or leftovers, or just popcorn...) as long as we're eating in the living room, watching a movie - that's what makes it crazy....location, location, location.

Our kids had their own version of Festival Du Voyageur today at school complete with pseudo-dogsled races, taffy pulling, smooshing, snow-shoeing, crafts, bannock and hot chocolate. Needless to say, they're exhausted. And me too 'cause I had to sub this afternoon instead of just working my usual 1/2 day (I'm such a baby when I miss my nap/afternoon to myself :) ).

So, the speed tonight is crazy supper, and a movie. We bought Karate Kid for our kids awhile ago and haven't watched it with them yet. Is this not a blast from the past??


Maria said...

that's awesome!!! we have the Karate Kid movies too - hilarious. i actually started taking Karate lessons when I was a kid as a direct result of watching Karate Kid ;-)