Back to scrapping!

I haven't done a lot of scrapping since getting back from CHA but a few cards with my new Chatterbox stamps (Thanks Melody Ross!!) and my new Rose Moka paper!! Delicious combo.
Oh, and I'm working on a 40th birthday book for a friend of mine...her husband is sending her and 9 other friends on a shopping weekend for her birthday. It's kinda a journal/photo album thingy....and I think she'll really like it. She used to scrapbook and has just gotten to busy so maybe this will give her a small project to use/finish up.
This card (a Congrats card with my Chatterbox Bird stamps on Rose Moka paper) is being published in the latest issue of PaperCrafts Stamp It! Yahoo. I'm so excited to have broken that barrier after years of being published.

What is my problem?

I can't seem to shake the fatigue I came home from Chicago with. I thought it would be a couple days of napping and taking it easy (ie: no walking all day long and no being "ON" 24/7 because I don't know anyone there)....but I'm not snapping out of it. Hmmmm.... i'm very thankful for a husband who picks up my slack this week :)


A few pictures from the Clear Scraps booth.

Here are a few pictures from the Clear Scraps booth. Granted, I'm not the best photographer in the world and these were while we were still setting up...but oh. my. word. this was one of the most fun weekends I've ever had in my life. The Clear Scraps team - who, until now, I'd only met online....were very, very nice. Janet & Jackie - amazing ladies - thank you so much for your generosity and for allowing me to be a part of this event!

I'm baaaaack!!

I'm back from CHA. An amazing weekend. My next blog post will have tons of details....but for now, I just wanna say, having my 3 kiddos jump into my bed this morning was phenomenal and sitting down to a cup of coffee (as opposed to grabbing one running out the door) and a bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt (as opposed to living on granola bars and mints) was heavenly. I'm still bleary-eyed (got in close to 1am last night) and stunned that I was actually there at all.....but glad to be home!!
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Clear Scraps winner - Melissa!!

Thanks for all the great feedback on the CHA Clear Scraps releases - I'm sure you're all going to love them - talk to your LSS's about ordering!

I pulled a name from my hat (ie: bowl) randomly and drew Melissa's name. She's getting an acrylic album from me and an XL shape of her choice from Clear Scraps!! Congratulations Melissa!!

Remember to check us out at Booth #4124 if you're at CHA this weekend!!

Mmmmmm....fresh strawberries

Mica and I got up at 6:30 this morning to go strawberry picking. The farm was only 5 miles from our house and it was LOADED. We picked for under an hour, traveled less than 30 feet down our row and came away with 7 ice-cream pails full of berries - big, juicy, red berries.

Almost all the berries were perfect colour and shape - but Mica got a kick out of, and wanted me to take pictures of a few of the "lumpy" ones (which, btw, are even sweeter for some reason??). Also, below is the one special one she picked out just for me - it's got a heart growing on top of the original berry :) Ain't she sweet?

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Blog Carnival :)

Never heard of a blog carnival? Me neither...until this past week....but essentially, it's a party, blog to blog.

By participating, I got my Clear Scraps Sneak Peeks featured on Craft Critique!! Check it out here, listed among some GREAT CHA sneaks.

Summer is officially here!

What could scream summer more than kids, eating freezies, on the trampoline? Well...OK, if I'd put the sprinkler underneath - that'd be good too - but this is pretty good stuff! Our plan this summer was to stay home, enjoy our own yard, our family, our neighbours & friends....and spend little-to-no money. So far: mission accomplished!
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Clear Scraps CHA Sneak Peek!!

OK....if you know me, you know how hard it is for me to keep a secret :) But I did it! Until now. I've been given the nod though, to give you the sneak peek of what's coming at CHA for Clear Scraps!!

Introducing their XL line....amazing Gi-normous (12x12) shaped acrylic pages. They have rounded hearts, and funky hearts, 2 kinds of brackets, 2 kinds of bracket-y pages shapes, a postage stamp shape,'s all very, very fun! Here's a couple layouts I've done with some of these large shapes:
They also have an acrylic easel and a desktop frame this season. Here's my frame...probably for Trev's office??
one of the very best things.....Custom Word tell them what word you want (up to 8 letters) and they make the album for you. The possibilities are endless. I chose, for my first 2 - BIRTHDAY and SOCCER. Check these out!!
You can customize them however you want...up to 8 letters (did I say that already?) and they have spacers too so you could write "My-Girls" or "New-York" if you want something like that. Imagine the possibilities for holidays, customized gifts....or anything!!

Leave a comment here and I'll draw (Wed. before CHA) for a RAK - an acrylic album from me and an XL shape from Clear Scraps!!

Be sure to check us out at CHA this summer (Oh my word...only 3 weeks away) at Booth #4124.