's been way to long since I've posted here. I knew this would happen.

So here's my latest thing - and I'm posting here publically so that you'll keep me accountable.

Our church is talking Lent these days. We, traditionally, don't do much with Lent but there's a lot to be said for taking something out of your life for awhile to make you stop and think about the Easter season and what's been done for you.

Anyway....I thought about giving up coffee but realized, I'm not addicted or anything - it's purely a social thing for me and I probably wouldn't even miss it. So....what would be a good thing for me to give up?

I'm already starting to get into a habit of waking up at 6:30am to read my Bible and do devos and God & I have this understanding so far that if I do it, He'll let the dog, and therefore, the children, sleep in. Seems to be working. The thing is....6:30am is not my best time of the day. So, for Lent....that's what I'm giving BEST time of the day. Usually that means around 8:45 - 9:15 or so. The babysitting kids are playing, the school kids are off to school and I'm sitting down with coffee or breakfast in peace & quiet. Normally I fill this time up with news, or internet, or email, or scrapbooking....but for Lent, I'm going to FIRST spend some time praying or re-reading what I read through squinty sleep-encrusted eyes 2 hours earlier. That's it. My time.

5 Foods... get us blogging - the challenge is 5 foods you hate and 5 foods you love. The picture is my tomato crop last year (or about a 6th of it) that made about 88 jars of tomato sauce for our homemade pasta sauces and pizzas!!

Sweet & Sour Weiners/Rice/veggies meal. It's become my kids fav and I make it when I have to leave them with a sitter 'cause I know she'll have no trouble getting them to eat but Blecha!!

Restaurant Pizza: Sorry, just spoiled by our home-made varieties I think...although once in a blue moon, I get a craving for greasy Pizza Hut. Usually if I close my eyes it goes away.

Dry Roast Beef: Not any roast beef, but the "so-dry-you-can't-choke-it-down-and-no-amount-of-ketchup
-or-gravy-is-doing-the-trick" kind of roast beef.

Instant Vanilla pudding: Another fav of DH's and at least 2 of my kids. It's the quickest, easiest dessert to make and I can practically make it with my eyes closed but...eeewww.

Unsweetened Iced Tea: Technically not a food I know, but since most of my readers are from the US where this is the need to know there is better stuff out there!! Sweetened. GoodHost, Nestea, all good!


Almost all vegetables (prepared correctly): I think I must have been a rabbit in some past life.

A good, juicy, med-rare chunk of Filet Mignon: Although I love veggies - there is absolutely no mistaking me for a Vegetarian. Take me to The Keg and I'm yours.

Ice Cream: I'm a chocolate or vanilla person at heart but I also will accept Choc. Chip Mint, Black Raspberry Cheesecake, Praelines & Cream, or the frozen custard from Culver's.

Chocolate: OK, I'm a chocoholic....I'll admit it. I try to limit what I eat of it, 'cause I know the whole health thing but if it were healthy for might dominate my diet.

Potatoes: I like 'em mashed, fried, baked (loaded of course), french fried, made into potato chips (which we do ourselves in our deep fryer), creamed with garlic and cream cheese and sour cream, covered in gravy, wedges.....OK....I love potatoes. Rice, not so much. But potatoes...mmmm.

Can't wait to see your lists.....tell me here if you took up the challenge.