Service weekend

Our Lifegroup from church did a service/work weekend. Several families went out to Red Rock Bible Camp and helped with a bit of spring cleaning to get ready for their spring camps that will be starting soon. Together, we scraped paint off of bathroom stalls to prep for repainting, completely cleaned out the Tuck Shop including defrosting the freezer and scrubbing walls with "magic erasers," emptied sheds, cleaned cabins and bathrooms, built floor supports in a couple places that needed it, washed down tables and benches and helped with a lot of kitchen work. It was a super long day of good old- fashioned manual labour. Wonderful!

We ended our workday with a great visit, some nighttime tubing down to the beach,  good coffee and a Bible study with communion. 

Sorry, World.

I found something I've been searching for at my local thrift store yesterday....and it was only 10 cents. Yay me! I felt very accomplished and very lucky. Until I read the bottom of the receipt and saw that my purchase is a gift to the world. Now I feel like a cheapskate. Sorry, world.

In related news, I am still on the hunt for more older-style Reader's Digest Condensed Books (the kinds with the patterned paper covers*** - not the kind that are supposed to look like solid coloured leather). If you have any kicking around....or you have parents or grandparents who need their collections thinned out, give me a shout. I'll help. And I'll contribute to your (or their) world next time. 

(***Books like these)