Only a month...

I'm only a month late to wish everyone Happy New Year from the blog.  Sorry :(
It's been a crazy-crazy month.  Usually January drags by because it's back-to-school after the lovely Christmas holidays and it's cold beyond belief but this year it seems to have slipped by me without even saying "hello."  Several of the reasons for this are quite personal so I'll leave it at that.  I had a few sick days during the month and we also had 3 snow/cold days this month so the "long work weeks" in January were quite disjointed and scattered.  Or maybe that's just where my head's at right now.  I feel like I'm resurfacing just now, after the Christmas break.  Yikes.

So, my last post had pics of my torn-apart kitchen cupboards.  I did finish.  I'll show you pictures next time.
For now, a couple pictures of one of my other projects/New Year's Resolutions - to get back to being a little bit creative :)  I make cards to sell so I keep on trucking in that area even when I'm not feeling creative.  And honestly, even when it's "just a job" it still is the one thing that feeds my creative soul when I'm feeling down.  But this month I actually got to play a little too.  I taught a class at The Scrapbook Cottage (thank you Sharon) over Christmas.  An impromptu class because the teacher couldn't at the last minute, so it wasn't my own designs but it inspired me to dig out my own canvases later and get started on a few more things including getting some kits ready for kids to make canvases.  The, suddenly, I found myself agreeing to teach a class at my school for exactly this same project.  Mixed media canvas projects for kids.  It went so well.  I wish I could show you pictures of what the kids made....wait, maybe I can if I crop the kids out.  I'll work on that.  For now, i'll show you my 2 samples that I quickly whipped up so the kids would have some idea of what to work toward.

Keep in mind....middle school kids, first time crafters (some of them), and yes, boys too.
Here are my 2 samples :)

Fun, right?
I'll try to crop down the photos I took yesterday so I can show you some of the fabulous things the kids came up with all on their own.  Unbelievable!  I love being creative and I love getting others to be creative!!