Running on Empty

A week ago, I pulled into town to do a shift at my job 
and realized I needed to find a gas station....and quick!  It was early Sunday morning and nothing was open so I went to the closest gas station and just sat at the pump waiting for them to open.  But I sat there safe....knowing that in a few minutes someone would open the doors and come rescue me. 
My van is empty, coasting into the gas station on fumes, and the Range says "0 kms to go"

How often do I let myself get this way? 
I coast through to the end of the week on fumes because I've been so busy (either taking care of actual business/other people/work, etc....or procrastinating and just not paying attention to how I'm feeling or what I need to keep going). I'm kinda ashamed to say that I have found myself in this situation more than once....not the van....but me....running on empty and still trying to do, do, do.  

And then, right when I need the reminder, God sends a song.  Always.  

So I will be still, and know you are God.  
That moment of sitting, and knowing that He is God.
I'm Safe.
 I'm Rescued.