A LOVE album (Clear Scraps)

What can I say? I'm completely and utterly smitten with these acrylic albums. Completely. I had a family photo I wanted to use in this LOVE album and so I chose to fill the rest up with simple LOVE quotes to not detract from the photo that reveals itself fully on the last page. I hid the quotes behind the letters of the previous page so only one would be visible at a time.
Thanks for looking!

A few misc. tags and Layouts with Clear Scraps stuff:

I did a layout just this week of myself with Maria - my bestest friend! She scrapped the same layout and so this only got to be posted for a brief moment - they've been picked up together.

I try to scrap myself close to each birthday. It's a little late this year....but here's me @ 36. The large acrylic flower is Clear Scraps! This is going into Scrapbook Memories from Australia.
And tags....did I mention they have great tags?? Love these. I'm done a baby one and a bride & groom one! (the bride & groom one is going to be in June CARDS!!)

A Full House album (more Clear Scaps!)

I loved this house-shaped album from the moment I opened my box from Clear Scraps! Oh my goodness - I had so many ideas for it I had a hard time narrowing them down! Finally, I got to this. It was a great opportunity to use up some older pictures, show how full life is at our house and love my family a little bit more!

Also in this project, I've used product from Kindred Creations: February '08 Burgundy & Chocolate Dreams Kit! The paper from Carolee's Creations was delicious and the rub-ons and 3-D stickers from Chatterbox were a perfect match. TFL.

My first CLEAR SCRAPS stuff!!!

Here is the first project I've made with my new Clear Scraps product. I cannot tell you how much fun this stuff is to work with. I started pretty simple - using Staz-on ink and punching holes for eyelets (remember them??) to tie the train cars together with ribbon. This train has magnet on the back so that it can go on the fridge (I didn't photograph it on the fridge b/c my fridge is black and it didn't show up.) I'm thinking this would make a cool baby gift....maybe with one of those metal magnet strips from IKEA??

ETA: this train was displayed at CHA and got picked up there for a book being published by Pinecone Press. I'm not sure of the book name - I'll add that when i find out.

My next project was one of the Great Mini-albums. This arrow album made me think of directions and since it's early in the year, I'm still considering what direction this year will take for me - what goals and "resolutions" I want to make. In this album I tried a little bit of everything - ink, rub-ons, stickers, stitching (rub-on, doodled and sewing machine), ribbon, flowers, brads (yes, right through the acrylic, pierced with a needle), paint, transparency overlays and lots and lots of glue dots!! Plus, hello.....Basic Grey - what could possibly go wrong with that?? :)

ETA: This album has been published and will be in June '08 PaperTrends!!

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for more Clear Scraps stuff!!

Back Scrapping too!

It's been awhile since I've scrapped....I mean more than a couple seconds here and there. Working full time has really been cramping my style :)

So here is one of my newest, "favouritest" projects:
I found this wooden box at a thrift store....actually, a friend who knows my fetish for all things alterable, found it and bought it for me, saying, "I'm sure you can make something out of this!" Thanks Lynette! I've been saving it until I had Valentine-ish paper because it screamed mailbox to me. This is one of the projects I just completed for my January Scraphoria DT work. If you want to see the rest of my projects this month.....check out my Art Blog.

It's amazing to me how utterly SANE and at peace I feel after an hour of creating. Thanks for looking.

Scraphoria January '08 Kit

When I opened the January Scraphoria Kit box, the first thing to greet me was the Brightest, Loudest, Sparkliest sheet of cardstock I have ever, ever seen. Sugar-coated Bubblegum Doodlebug Cardstock. And, behind it all.....one of my favourite lines of paper - Scenic Route (Loveland). I gotta say...Tracey at Scraphoria really puts together a GREAT kit....there's so much stuff to play with in here!! (and a secret? She asked me to stay on even though the DT term was at one time supposed to end in Dec. 07. Yahoo!!!)

Here's what I made this month....
(pictured above: a wooden box I found at my local thrift store that I converted into a Valentine's box. It had the mail slot and the word "Stuff" carved into it...but some mod podge and Scenic Route took care of that lame word in short order!)

a couple of Layouts:

A CD cover....you know for all those "mix-tape" type songs you're hanging onto:
A chequebook or calendar cover for those calendars that the banks give out . Yes, I know it's only 2008 but I made this for next year....how's that for planning ahead??
A mini-album made from the Maya Road Sheer Scallop album (adorable!). This one has pages of all my kids, their pictures, their autographs and a list of things they're currently into.
And if you know anything about me At All....you'll know that I can't resist making a few cards with the leftovers.
Oh...and some NEW good news - my Growing Up Mini-album just got picked up by Scrapbook Trends' Mini-Albums III Idea book. I'll re-post it when the book is out.

Thanks for looking!

Back in the swing of things...and goals for 2008

I'm back at work after Christmas break. And lovin' it. I absolutely love being in my kids' school even if it's not them I'm working with. My 3.25 position has stretched to 3.75 and I think it may, in the future stretch even further to 4.25. That'll be good for the previously-stretched-too-far bank account :) that we need to fix. Hopefully this extra hour will help get my kitchen renos further along too.

And goals for the year?
I'm not huge into resolutions...but I do have a few things I'd like to do this year.
I'd like to pray daily for my husband and my kids. When life is good and we're coasting, I forget sometimes.....but that's my goal.
I'd like to scrap every day and get past the DT-only work so that I'm catching up on my boxes of pictures too.
I'd love to get my Spring Cleaning done by Spring. I have a list - 2 pages long - of jobs broken down into do-able, short jobs that I'd like to tackle throughout the next couple months.
I'm sure there's more but for now that seems like a list I can still tackle.