Back in the swing of things...and goals for 2008

I'm back at work after Christmas break. And lovin' it. I absolutely love being in my kids' school even if it's not them I'm working with. My 3.25 position has stretched to 3.75 and I think it may, in the future stretch even further to 4.25. That'll be good for the previously-stretched-too-far bank account :) that we need to fix. Hopefully this extra hour will help get my kitchen renos further along too.

And goals for the year?
I'm not huge into resolutions...but I do have a few things I'd like to do this year.
I'd like to pray daily for my husband and my kids. When life is good and we're coasting, I forget sometimes.....but that's my goal.
I'd like to scrap every day and get past the DT-only work so that I'm catching up on my boxes of pictures too.
I'd love to get my Spring Cleaning done by Spring. I have a list - 2 pages long - of jobs broken down into do-able, short jobs that I'd like to tackle throughout the next couple months.
I'm sure there's more but for now that seems like a list I can still tackle.