I can see the light!!!!!

I love Christmas holidays. And this year working full-time in December, I've looked forward to them even more.....and then I got sick. The flu. And then a cold. And then it turned into some nasty sinus/throat infection. And then, the flu again. Can you believe it? Sheesh.

So today - I played outside with my kids for the first time in nearly 2 weeks. It was about -5 outside - wonderful weather for Dec. 30th. I felt amazing. Residual back pain and headache but all in all....on the mend.

And I still love Christmas holidays.

Happy New Year everyone!


Maria said...

Yeah you had it rough with being sick the last couple weeks - so glad that's behind you. SO GLAD the full time is behind you too ;-) I'm looking forward to afternoon coffee with you at least once/week now!!