Go Big or Go Home! Coffee & the Epson Artisan 810

That's my motto :) Go big or go home. OK, not always but it looks like it today. I haven't had a cup of coffee for 2 weeks - gave it up for Lent...partially for Lent purposes, and partially to see if it was an addiction in my life. 2 days in I had a really bad headache but a couple of tylenol and a nap took care of it so it could have been withdrawl, or maybe not..? Sundays during Lent, are feast days though so today I'm having coffee, and it's delicious!! Thought I'd take a picture of my Giant Starbucks mug (thanks Maria - I love it when you purge!) full of steaming hot Dolce du Leche creamer- (Thanks Mom & Dad for picking this up in the US for me) -infused Tim Hortons goodness!

Another Yummy thing:
Trev set up my brand new Epson Artisan 810 printer last night! We tried a few little things with it just to see if it was set up properly. It's got amazing photo printing capabilities! I can just stick my memory card straight into the printer and print this photo like this:

Or, on the touch screen, change it to Sepia and print it like this:

Or, even cooler....on the touchscreen, change it to Coloring Book and print it like this:

The kids are already planning 101 ways they can colour themselves.
Top choice so far is Alien-heads.

Happy, happy Sunday everyone!
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Coloring Book on the Epson Artisan 810

Trev got my new Epson Artisan 810 hooked up and working last night - Wi-fi, so my already cluttered cord collection doesn't have more to add to it. It has some of the coolest features.

I can print this photo:

or change it to Sepia before printing:

or change it to Coloring Book before printing:

Is that not the coolest thing ever? Oh my word! My kids think this is outrageous and they're already planning to colour themselves as aliens or something crazy.
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Epson Artisan 810 - oh my goodness!!!!

The Epson Artisan 810

The Fed-Ex guy returned today with THIS!

Oh my goodness. Can you believe it? Maybe you can...but I'm having trouble believing it. I was in desperate need of a new printer and this beauty will be MORE than sufficient I'm guessing :) It's prints (that's a given),
It scans (hallelujah - my old scanner's been leaving some nasty white spots and I haven't even hooked it up since I've purged and cleaned my scrap room)
It copies (how many times have I needed that and had to send stuff to work with DH for copying - no more of that)
It faxes (DH: "do people still fax?" Me: "only important people who have things to fax I guess, like me LOL"
It's Wi-fi (which means no more emailing stuff from my laptop to my downstairs computer and then being able to print it - sheesh what a pain that was).

Plus it looks like a million bucks! I may need to upgrade the rest of my scraproom for it to look like it's supposed to be here!

First project, when I'm done this weekend's workload, is to print some photos off for a phototransfer technique I'm trying to learn.
I. Can. Not. Wait!

Epson Artisan 810....Merry Christmas to me :)

The Fed-Ex guy returned today with THIS! The Epson Artisan 810! He was so sweet. He said he'd been there the day before but that he realized it was "a big deal" and so he didn't just leave it lying on my driveway (which is usually the case with scrapbooking supplies I order - insert eye roll here). Don't get me wrong - it's nice to come home from work to a box of goodies but so much nicer to have a doozie like this hand-delivered.

Oh my goodness. Can you believe it? Maybe you can...but I'm having trouble believing it. I was in desperate need of a new printer and this beauty will be MORE than sufficient I'm guessing :)

It's prints (that's a given),
It scans (hallelujah - my old scanner's been leaving some nasty white spots and I haven't even hooked it up since I've purged and cleaned my scrap room)
It copies (how many times have I needed that and had to send stuff to work with DH for copying - no more of that)
It faxes (DH: "do people still fax?" Me: "only important people who have things to fax I guess, like me LOL"
It's Wi-fi (which means no more emailing stuff from my laptop to my downstairs computer and then being able to print it - sheesh what a pain that was).

Plus it looks like a million bucks! I may need to upgrade the rest of my scraproom for it to look like it's supposed to be here!

First project, when I'm done this weekend's workload, is to print some photos off for a phototransfer technique I'm trying to learn.
I. Can. Not. Wait!

Disclaimer....I am not being paid by Epson to say this stuff...the printer was free but no $$ is involved FYI.
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YAY: the Fed-Ex Guy is coming!

I had a very interesting email conversation with a lady from Epson last week...and although I missed the Fed-Ex guy today, he's coming back tomorrow with a box for me (and double-yay: it's a no-school day so I'll be home!). I think THIS might be what's in his box. If it is, you'll be among the first to know!

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I missed the Fed-Ex Guy

I got home today from work to this on my doorknob....a note from the Fed-Ex Guy. He'd been here with a package but I wasn't home :( So sad. The good news is - he's coming back tomorrow before noon and tomorrow's a no-school day here! Yippee!! I'm pretty sure I know what's in that box.....I had a very interesting email conversation with a certain printer company named Epson this week :) Oh boy oh boy oh boy....I think that THIS might be in that box :) Guess I'll find out tomorrow....and then you'll be the first to know!
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Multitude Monday - Feb. 22

27. I'm thankful for an awesome weekend at Mother/Daughter camp this past weekend:
28-34. The weather was incredible, the roads were perfect for driving, the speaker spoke to my heart and I know she nailed my daughter's as well, my best friend was along, our craft session went as smoothly and as well received as it could have ever been, I even slept well in a bed that was not my own, and the food was A-Maze-Ing.
35. I'm thankful for my home - it's so good to be back.
36. I'm thankful for my husband and his willingness to let me go and to hold down the fort for me when I do.
37. I'm thankful that he and the boys had a great weekend together and got to do some boy-things (shop for hockey cards, watch a movie, go to a Pistons game, etc).
38. I'm thankful for my job. Somehow this weekend was the break I needed to go back to work cheerfully.
39. I'm thankful for my position in Christ. I am learning more about this every day and it's just getting more and more exciting. I wish I'd known years ago some of the things I'm learning now.
40. I was reminded again tonight at Bible study that even if I am not plagued by HUGE generational sins and curses (not that there's none, mind you, but not HUGE ones), I am still the person who stands in between me and the next generation and I will be the one to either break these for my children and grandchildren or sin, and leave that as a legacy. It's my choice. I'm thankful for that choice and for the chance to make it today.
41. I'm thankful for coffee. I've given it up for lent. I've only had one day of headaches so the withdrawal wasn't too bad but I'm looking forward to having it again someday and enjoying it that much more.

A few pictures from my weekend:

Did I mention the food was amazing? This creamy tomato parmesan (?) soup - best soup ever.

Caramel cheesecake for dessert (alongside a mountain of fruit, brownies, spring rolls, guacamole & chips, hummis & pitas...ooooohhhh)

The Saturday night supper is always very decadent (their reasoning is that mom's don't get spoiled enough and so this is their way of doing that - which is just OK with me!!). Last year Saturday supper was turkey/mashed potatoes and all the trimmings. This year it was Pork Tenderloin - barbequed to perfection, rice, veggies, salad, breadsticks - and all served restarant style by the kitchen staff!

And my cutie girl. She's getting so big so fast - it was very fun to spend the weekend with her. We had some great talks, debriefing after the sessions with the speaker. I hope we always have this open conversational-relationship. I love her with all my heart!

Tuesday, it's the new Monday

Wow - I totally missed Multitude Monday. Totally missed Monday in fact. Manitoba decided last year, or the year before, that since several other Canadian provinces had a civic holiday in February, called "Family Day" that we should have one too...but we couldn't call it Family day, now could we....it has to have some historical justification or something so for Manitobans, yesterday was Louis Riel Day. He was a Metis leader....did lots of good stuff....got us a day off in February - so far that's my favourite of his accomplishments. Sorry...I'm not much of a history buff.

Anyway...I missed my regular Monday post. I'm still thankful for stuff though - and thought I'd share these pics of what I'm thankful for today - crazy, crazy kids. They thought tonight should be crazy-utensil night at our house so the Quiche I made for supper was eaten with...

...a spatula (just about too wide for this guy's mouth but he'll try anything)
...a potato masher (this just made her laugh more during supper than anything else)
...and a pie-lifter thing. I think he got the slick end of the deal.
Of course, Trev & I had to play along too....the kids picked out a basting brush for Trev and he boasted at the end of the meal that he had the cleanest plate b/c he could brush it off...plus, while he was eating he kept yelling out "Hurry, hard....hurry, hard" (curling reference for those of you who aren't watching the Olympics right now). I got a large muffin scoop, the kind that you squeeze the handle together and the scoop of muffin batter, on in this case, quiche, pops out nicely....it was fun popping food out of my spoon into my mouth - not going to do it everyday mind you but we all had a good laugh.

And there's so much leftover that the big kids have food packed for 2 days of school already :) YAY for less work for me in the morning! YAY for IKEA containers!
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Just a few happy things today:
The Valentine above from the Simpsons....
I really feel for poor little Ralphie and his crush on Lisa all these years.
Yes, there was chocolate on my chair when I came to breakfast this morning...and a massager too - little hand-held thing that looks like it just might do the trick :) Also gave the kids their chocolate at breakfast, and their "treats" that I found at MCC yesterday - this cutsie apron for Mica, an orange Spring Gap jacket for Cale (not shown) and this Blue Bomber winter jacket for Egan - it was $1 and it needs the zipper replaced.....hello! That's my specialty!

Also this makes me happy. Veggies chopped up for Eggrolls and Japanese tempura supper tonight! Oh, that and the fact that we don't have to make lunch today after church - the in-laws are doing it :) Yay!

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Breakfast on the run

I eat on the run...I'll admit it. I work mornings and have 3 kids to get out the door and well, let's face it: I'm not a morning person as it is. But I love breakfast. Nevermind the whole "it's the most important meal of the day" thing....I just love breakfast. I love breakfast foods as a whole, I love starting my day out with something yummy, I love not having my stomach growl 2 hours into my workday - I love breakfast. My friend Maria introduced me to these great smoothies with a little bit "extra" in them so I'm still making them on a regular basis.

Smoothie: Handful of strawberries (I often use frozen b/c they're rarely in season here)
1 banana
handful of spinach - yep....good old green leafy spinach
1 large dollop of strawberry yogurt
enough milk to make it the right consistency for you
Blend, and drink.
You really can't taste the spinach - it looks a little green-ish but it tastes like strawberry/banana.

If something else happens to be in season - I substitute...peaches, pears, mango, other flavours of yogurt. I tried it with lettuce one day instead of spinach but that wasn't my thing. Sorry lettuce....just not the same. I love that I can throw this together while I'm making lunches anyway, saving myself a whole lot of time. My friend Nicole (who is my healthy-eating/weightloss idol (small i)) suggested I add whey protein powder to this.....haven't looked for it yet but there's enough healthfood stores in town I'm sure it's around.

The other breakfast that I've been eating.....and seriously - don't laugh until you've tried it - is an apple, and a spoonful of peanut butter. I raised my eyebrows when I first heard about it too but man....that simple breakfast keeps me from being hungry till long after I'm home for lunch at 1:00ish. The first time I tried it, I was walking home from work thinking....why am I not hungry...did I snack in the staff room and not remember it?? Hmmm. My kids laugh when I eat straight out of the peanut butter jar but hey...it works for me.
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Design Team Call for CLEAR SCRAPS

Clear Scraps is looking to add a few designers to our design team.

We are interested in artists with a variety of styles who can creatively showcase Clear Scraps acrylic and chipboard with cards, mini-albums, altered art and scrapbook layouts. No previous design team experience is necessary.

What to expect:

DT requirements are 3 projects per month, including written instructions/photo step-by-steps of at least one of these projects, two blog posts/month and active participation in group discussions. Additional projects will be required occasionally for CHA, newsletters and classes.

DT compensation includes photo and bio recognition on our website and blog, generous product, monetary compensation for published work and a discount on additional Clear Scraps product purchased during your term.

How to apply:

Please send applications or questions to: dtcall@clearscraps.com . Include your name, address, phone number, blog address, link to online galleries and a short paragraph about yourself and why you think you'd be a good fit for Clear Scraps. Also include 5 examples of your work (doesn’t have to be new for this call) giving us an idea of your style and what you like to do with acrylic.

Call ends Friday, Feb. 26th .

The new design team will be announced Monday March. 1st.

Term is 12 months, beginning March.1/ 2010.

Our apologies, but only applications from USA & Canada will be considered at this time.

Check out the Clear Scraps website here.

Check out the Clear Scraps blog here.

Cards that make me happy

These 2 cards are based on some cards I found in a magazine - and I have to humbly apologize - I can't remember where - I just remember being struck by their beauty and inspired to get out my long-forgotten embossing powders. Oh, that and...I actually bought myself a heat gun so I'm done using the toaster to melt my embossing powder :) I love the coloured embossing on Kraft with all the white space - that's me to a T. And I have several Glimmer Mists that I've used on projects before but not on cards....sprayed over white or clear embossing powder they're gorgeous. Anyway....if you recognize these as a lift of your cards....let me know - and thank you for giving me back a little piece of my mojo, as they say :)

Excercise for the non-excerciser

Is there a word for a non-excerciser, besides "couch potato?" Not sure. I wouldn't consider myself a couch potato necessarily but I haven't really done anything intentional to excercise for years besides keep up with my kids and walk uptown when I need to get somewhere.
Then, last spring, I snagged this awesome treadmill from a friend who wasn't using it - cost me more than I thought I'd pay for a piece of equipment I may or may not use.
I know God has given me the "spirit of discipline" (2 Timothy 1:7) and it's not that I can't keep going on an exercise program...it's just that mostly I get bored quite quickly and give it up to do something more exciting. BUT, as of last fall...I've fallen in love.

Fallen in love with:
a.) actually feeling like I'm doing something proactive
about my health/weight/overall well-being,
b.) the new music on my iPod and
c.) the way God talks to me through the music and
heals my heart while I'm tied to a machine like this.

I can't actually explain it but somehow cranking the same music in my ears over and over (music that just happens to hit me where I'm at) and at the same time moving to that music (I'm a speed-walker, not a runner) engraves those truths on my heart in a way that just having the music run in the background somewhere doesn't do.

I'm still not the most consistent exerciser, but I'm starting to enjoy it and I feel like I'm helping with my physical well-being as well as my spiritual well-being.
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Multitude Monday - Feb. 8

Whew...another week. I really have to get on here more than once/week. I will now I think b/c:

26. I'm thankful for a job. A small, not "putting anyone through college" kinda job, but a job nonetheless. With pay, with a company I adore, doing something I'm good at, on my own time, in my own home.
27. I'm thankful for the ways God reminds me (see #26) that I'm valuable. Yes, to him. But also, in general, to other people.
28. I'm thankful for the ways he distracts me and gives me places to serve.
29. I'm thankful for my friendships today - there are a few in particular that have always been good...but are slowly starting to deepen and have the potential to get Great. I'm always thankful when God shows up in my friendships.
30. I'm thankful for my daughter. I adore her. At times I just have to shake my head because the things that drive me crazy about her - I can totally see myself doing at her age. She's ME, in a big, big way. Today she "babysat" her brothers for the first time. I knew she'd do great - she's the most responsible, mature kid her age that I know. To say I'm proud of her is a huge understatement. To say that I'm blown away by the privilege of having her is a bigger one.
31. I'm thankful for my parents. They're in Mexico. On missions. Unless you know me well, you have no idea what a shocker that is. If you had told me 20 years ago...sheesh, even a couple of years ago, that my parents would be on missions in Mexico together I would have laughed out loud. Wow. Mom & Dad, I'm so proud of you both and in awe of where you've come together.
32. I'm thankful for scrapbooking. Not just the memory album part of it but the whole hobby/craft thing itself. It's been my therapy; my creative outlet; my sanity. It's allowed me to minister in different places that I never would have been invited, and to talk to people I'd never have anything else in common with. I know I seem obsessed to some people. And maybe sometimes it takes on that bent - I confess. BUT, it's a part of who I am. I'm a crafty person (not crafty-sneaky) but I never felt so "at home" as when I did my first scrapbook page. This is a part of who I am. One reason I know....is that when something hits me square in the face: a scripture, a quote, a song lyric, etc....and I'm convicted, or encouraged, or challenged in my core - the first thing I want to do is scrap it. On a card, on a tag, on a page with a photo of me, something to make it permanently stuck in my head. I think this year I'm going to allow myself to do more of that....scrapbooking stuff for the sake the art - but with the underlying purpose of preserving those thoughts that remind me of God, his love his provision.

This layout was in Scrapbook Magazine (UK) over winter. The photo was taken by Lynette - that girl is my camera-wielding heroine. I stared at this photo awhile before scrapping it and could think of nothing else except this verse so....that's the journaling for the page. I don't love winter, or snow, but somehow the beauty of it makes me wanna sing :)

And this is a mirror (sorry for the poor photo...it's hard to take a picture of a mirror). Our church had an "art gallery" a couple of years ago for those in the church who make art that's not necessarily a visible ministry in the church (teaching/preaching/singing, etc) but who use their gifts for God nonetheless. Making this piece was therapeutic for me - recognizing that every time I look into a mirror, I should be hearing God tell me I'm beautiful to him. This mirror still hangs in the prayer room at my church.

33. I'm thankful that I can use the word "nonetheless" twice in one blog post (now, 3x actually) and there's nothing you can do about it :)

Happy Valentine's Day :)

Over at Scrapbook News and Review, we're celebrating Valentine's Day for 14 days straight with a tag each day made by a staffer. Today's my day :)

I made this tag with a piece of wooden fence I found at my local thrift store - how could I possibly leave something so cute there when the price tag said $0.10?? And when this brand new line from Cosmo Cricket arrived on my driveway with a BEE....oh my goodness....don't you just love a good Pun-Valentine's card? If you're looking for more cute Valentine's Day tags - check them out here, or come here and subscribe to our free newsletter.

Multitude Monday - Feb. 1

Monday again, already? Apparently I haven't blogged since last Monday. It's been a long week. I'm so very tired and so I'm keeping it short and sweet today.

25. I'm thankful for God's strength today. Strength to keep going when I'm too cooked to keep going on my own. I'm thankful that I don't have to rely on my own strength and that there are times when I get carried.