Excercise for the non-excerciser

Is there a word for a non-excerciser, besides "couch potato?" Not sure. I wouldn't consider myself a couch potato necessarily but I haven't really done anything intentional to excercise for years besides keep up with my kids and walk uptown when I need to get somewhere.
Then, last spring, I snagged this awesome treadmill from a friend who wasn't using it - cost me more than I thought I'd pay for a piece of equipment I may or may not use.
I know God has given me the "spirit of discipline" (2 Timothy 1:7) and it's not that I can't keep going on an exercise program...it's just that mostly I get bored quite quickly and give it up to do something more exciting. BUT, as of last fall...I've fallen in love.

Fallen in love with:
a.) actually feeling like I'm doing something proactive
about my health/weight/overall well-being,
b.) the new music on my iPod and
c.) the way God talks to me through the music and
heals my heart while I'm tied to a machine like this.

I can't actually explain it but somehow cranking the same music in my ears over and over (music that just happens to hit me where I'm at) and at the same time moving to that music (I'm a speed-walker, not a runner) engraves those truths on my heart in a way that just having the music run in the background somewhere doesn't do.

I'm still not the most consistent exerciser, but I'm starting to enjoy it and I feel like I'm helping with my physical well-being as well as my spiritual well-being.
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