Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Just a few happy things today:
The Valentine above from the Simpsons....
I really feel for poor little Ralphie and his crush on Lisa all these years.
Yes, there was chocolate on my chair when I came to breakfast this morning...and a massager too - little hand-held thing that looks like it just might do the trick :) Also gave the kids their chocolate at breakfast, and their "treats" that I found at MCC yesterday - this cutsie apron for Mica, an orange Spring Gap jacket for Cale (not shown) and this Blue Bomber winter jacket for Egan - it was $1 and it needs the zipper replaced.....hello! That's my specialty!

Also this makes me happy. Veggies chopped up for Eggrolls and Japanese tempura supper tonight! Oh, that and the fact that we don't have to make lunch today after church - the in-laws are doing it :) Yay!

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Candice said...

YUMMO! So glad that you are having a good Valentine's Day...you deserve it!
Take Care!