Go Big or Go Home! Coffee & the Epson Artisan 810

That's my motto :) Go big or go home. OK, not always but it looks like it today. I haven't had a cup of coffee for 2 weeks - gave it up for Lent...partially for Lent purposes, and partially to see if it was an addiction in my life. 2 days in I had a really bad headache but a couple of tylenol and a nap took care of it so it could have been withdrawl, or maybe not..? Sundays during Lent, are feast days though so today I'm having coffee, and it's delicious!! Thought I'd take a picture of my Giant Starbucks mug (thanks Maria - I love it when you purge!) full of steaming hot Dolce du Leche creamer- (Thanks Mom & Dad for picking this up in the US for me) -infused Tim Hortons goodness!

Another Yummy thing:
Trev set up my brand new Epson Artisan 810 printer last night! We tried a few little things with it just to see if it was set up properly. It's got amazing photo printing capabilities! I can just stick my memory card straight into the printer and print this photo like this:

Or, on the touch screen, change it to Sepia and print it like this:

Or, even cooler....on the touchscreen, change it to Coloring Book and print it like this:

The kids are already planning 101 ways they can colour themselves.
Top choice so far is Alien-heads.

Happy, happy Sunday everyone!
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