Epson Artisan 810 - oh my goodness!!!!

The Epson Artisan 810

The Fed-Ex guy returned today with THIS!

Oh my goodness. Can you believe it? Maybe you can...but I'm having trouble believing it. I was in desperate need of a new printer and this beauty will be MORE than sufficient I'm guessing :) It's prints (that's a given),
It scans (hallelujah - my old scanner's been leaving some nasty white spots and I haven't even hooked it up since I've purged and cleaned my scrap room)
It copies (how many times have I needed that and had to send stuff to work with DH for copying - no more of that)
It faxes (DH: "do people still fax?" Me: "only important people who have things to fax I guess, like me LOL"
It's Wi-fi (which means no more emailing stuff from my laptop to my downstairs computer and then being able to print it - sheesh what a pain that was).

Plus it looks like a million bucks! I may need to upgrade the rest of my scraproom for it to look like it's supposed to be here!

First project, when I'm done this weekend's workload, is to print some photos off for a phototransfer technique I'm trying to learn.
I. Can. Not. Wait!


Maelynn Cheung said...

Cathy - I've had mine for a while and LOVE it. I love the wireless capabilities, the print quality is terrific. Only drawback is how quickly it goes through ink. It's worth it though.