Tuesday, it's the new Monday

Wow - I totally missed Multitude Monday. Totally missed Monday in fact. Manitoba decided last year, or the year before, that since several other Canadian provinces had a civic holiday in February, called "Family Day" that we should have one too...but we couldn't call it Family day, now could we....it has to have some historical justification or something so for Manitobans, yesterday was Louis Riel Day. He was a Metis leader....did lots of good stuff....got us a day off in February - so far that's my favourite of his accomplishments. Sorry...I'm not much of a history buff.

Anyway...I missed my regular Monday post. I'm still thankful for stuff though - and thought I'd share these pics of what I'm thankful for today - crazy, crazy kids. They thought tonight should be crazy-utensil night at our house so the Quiche I made for supper was eaten with...

...a spatula (just about too wide for this guy's mouth but he'll try anything)
...a potato masher (this just made her laugh more during supper than anything else)
...and a pie-lifter thing. I think he got the slick end of the deal.
Of course, Trev & I had to play along too....the kids picked out a basting brush for Trev and he boasted at the end of the meal that he had the cleanest plate b/c he could brush it off...plus, while he was eating he kept yelling out "Hurry, hard....hurry, hard" (curling reference for those of you who aren't watching the Olympics right now). I got a large muffin scoop, the kind that you squeeze the handle together and the scoop of muffin batter, on in this case, quiche, pops out nicely....it was fun popping food out of my spoon into my mouth - not going to do it everyday mind you but we all had a good laugh.

And there's so much leftover that the big kids have food packed for 2 days of school already :) YAY for less work for me in the morning! YAY for IKEA containers!
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