Multitude Monday - Feb. 22

27. I'm thankful for an awesome weekend at Mother/Daughter camp this past weekend:
28-34. The weather was incredible, the roads were perfect for driving, the speaker spoke to my heart and I know she nailed my daughter's as well, my best friend was along, our craft session went as smoothly and as well received as it could have ever been, I even slept well in a bed that was not my own, and the food was A-Maze-Ing.
35. I'm thankful for my home - it's so good to be back.
36. I'm thankful for my husband and his willingness to let me go and to hold down the fort for me when I do.
37. I'm thankful that he and the boys had a great weekend together and got to do some boy-things (shop for hockey cards, watch a movie, go to a Pistons game, etc).
38. I'm thankful for my job. Somehow this weekend was the break I needed to go back to work cheerfully.
39. I'm thankful for my position in Christ. I am learning more about this every day and it's just getting more and more exciting. I wish I'd known years ago some of the things I'm learning now.
40. I was reminded again tonight at Bible study that even if I am not plagued by HUGE generational sins and curses (not that there's none, mind you, but not HUGE ones), I am still the person who stands in between me and the next generation and I will be the one to either break these for my children and grandchildren or sin, and leave that as a legacy. It's my choice. I'm thankful for that choice and for the chance to make it today.
41. I'm thankful for coffee. I've given it up for lent. I've only had one day of headaches so the withdrawal wasn't too bad but I'm looking forward to having it again someday and enjoying it that much more.

A few pictures from my weekend:

Did I mention the food was amazing? This creamy tomato parmesan (?) soup - best soup ever.

Caramel cheesecake for dessert (alongside a mountain of fruit, brownies, spring rolls, guacamole & chips, hummis & pitas...ooooohhhh)

The Saturday night supper is always very decadent (their reasoning is that mom's don't get spoiled enough and so this is their way of doing that - which is just OK with me!!). Last year Saturday supper was turkey/mashed potatoes and all the trimmings. This year it was Pork Tenderloin - barbequed to perfection, rice, veggies, salad, breadsticks - and all served restarant style by the kitchen staff!

And my cutie girl. She's getting so big so fast - it was very fun to spend the weekend with her. We had some great talks, debriefing after the sessions with the speaker. I hope we always have this open conversational-relationship. I love her with all my heart!


Maria said...

I know the food was AMAZING!!! I can't stop thinking about it! I have to remind myself that I don't need to keep eating that much now that I'm home :-P
Thanks again for letting Sarah & I tag along, it was such an amazing weekend - so glad we got to spend it with you and Mica :-)
BTW - your Bible study sounds interesting, you'll have to tell me about this last one next time we do coffee (or non-coffee, coffee ;-)