Mother Daughter retreat

Mica & I had a weekend away this past weekend at a Mother-Daughter retreat at Red Rock Bible Camp. It was really, really good. The weather was amazing. The new snowshoes there worked perfectly. The food was unbelievable. My craft session that I taught went very smoothly and I was able to completely purge my stash. And I think I learned something about me & God this weekend that I wasn't sure I understood before. It's a long story that I'll share sometime but for now...although it's good to be home, I'm so glad we went!

Oh yeah....did I mention the decorating theme was CHOCOLATE...everything was pink & brown and there was chocolate or candy for nearly every single meal :)
These are some of the buttons from my craft session....I just love the look of a big pile of buttons.

I love (and hate) Dollarama

OK...a little rant.
Because I make cards to sell here in my town, I love to find inexpensive, but really cute embellishments. So, I LOVE Dollarama. They have the cutest stuff sometimes. I love a good deal.

Having said at Dollarama I found these:

Are these not the splitting image (or EXACTLY the same) as the jewels that Kaisercraft is putting out? These:

Now, because I'm teaching a craft session at a Mother/Daughter retreat this coming up weekend at a Bible Camp and they're paying me but I have to supply everything....I was ecstatic to find these at Dollarama.
On the other hand...what's a manufacturer or a Small business Scrapbook Store to do when their signature embellishments are being sold FOR ONE DOLLAR at stores down the street from the LSS's that are trying to make it work. What in the world is going on?


2 days in a row school's cancelled due to icy conditions and it's supposed to rain and snow all night as far as I can see. CRAZY. I love Global Warming :)

No school....Ice day?

We've had no-school days because of Personal development days, Admin days, Snow days (blizzards), even cold days (-35 with -45 windchill) but I don't ever remember having a no-school day called because of ice before...but here we are. This is a strange photo...but it's my driveway with the bank of snow on the far side. And yes, that shiny stuff is water (it rained last night) sitting on top of a sheet of ice. I oughta know...I totally bit it this morning taking my garbage to the end of the driveway. Apparently the roads are way too treacherous to risk having bus-loads of children on them. Even my "amazing-driver-never-had-an-accident-mocks-others-who-forget-how-to-drive-every-winter" husband slid right past the entrance to the radio station this morning and had to go around to the back entrance. Oops. So. It's beautiful out today. AND no school. It might be the perfect day today :)
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We officially have our first child's broken bone. We all knew it was going to be E. first of course...he's the craziest and the one who of course, would agree to jump off a bar counter onto the floor at a friends' house sleepover. The worst part is that this happened last Friday night and it took me till last night (Monday) to wonder if it really was just bruised or if there might be a break. He ran and jumped and sledded and everything all was only when he slowed down and got bored that he'd come to me with a "my foot still kinda hurts...." and I'd pass it off as boredom. (****and the worst mom of the year award goes to....ME!) Anyway...after nearly 4 hours at Emerge we are. A cast already signed by his brother and sister. And CRUTCHES that we get to keep!! He couldn't be happier.
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Ta-da....the new my Stamp BOX design team!!

Here they are....congratulations girls!

Cathy Schellenberg
Allison Cope
Cherie Nymeyer
Gudrun Loennecken
Jolene Johnston
Kryssi Ng
Lara Brooks
Leica Forrest
Marci Knecht
Trace Geworsky
Tracey Taylor

Check the website here: my Stamp BOX very shortly for a brand new Blog and some beautiful inspiration from these lovely creative ladies.