No school....Ice day?

We've had no-school days because of Personal development days, Admin days, Snow days (blizzards), even cold days (-35 with -45 windchill) but I don't ever remember having a no-school day called because of ice before...but here we are. This is a strange photo...but it's my driveway with the bank of snow on the far side. And yes, that shiny stuff is water (it rained last night) sitting on top of a sheet of ice. I oughta know...I totally bit it this morning taking my garbage to the end of the driveway. Apparently the roads are way too treacherous to risk having bus-loads of children on them. Even my "amazing-driver-never-had-an-accident-mocks-others-who-forget-how-to-drive-every-winter" husband slid right past the entrance to the radio station this morning and had to go around to the back entrance. Oops. So. It's beautiful out today. AND no school. It might be the perfect day today :)
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Maria said...

I was thinking the same thing - I don't remember ever having a no school day b/c of ice. I'm not complaining though ;-) Fingers crossed for the same thing tomorrow!! :-)