Finally feeling human again :)

Again with the big gap in the blogging....sheesh.
 In my defense - this has been my new best friend:

I got some wacky-3-week cold.  It was the weirdest thing - a lot of nose-blowing (you wanted to know that, right?) and pure, sheer exhaustion.  For several weeks in a row, as soon as the kids were in bed, I headed there too.  I had ZERO energy.  I think I'm finally feeling a little more human now after 3 weeks.

There were a few good days in between and so I do have a few fun things to show you.  I got a couple of layouts done on National Scrapbook Day:  

Maybe not my best ever LOL....but it was fun to be back doing layouts for a day.  I've been making cards to sell for so long that I haven't had time to make layouts recently.  Felt great :)  

I also did a furniture project!  Since my scrapbook room has temporarily moved up to my bedroom so that basement renovations can happen, I needed to get rid of my giant nightstand.  But I couldn't have NO nightstand - I need a place for a clock and my Bible & journal...and I only had room for a really narrow one.  I looked for a couple of weeks and didn't find one that would work and then I found this small child's desk at the MCC store - out back, and cheap because it was broken - exactly the challenge I wanted :)

Here's the before:
 It's on casters....but only 3 so it's a little wonky :)

I cut the bank of drawers apart from the rest of the desk.

I filled in the holes and gouges that the top had with wood putty and sanded everything down.

I painted it out in the creamy Lancaster Whitewash that the rest of my trim is done in.  I only used the top 2 drawers and left the bottom section (2 drawers) open for a shelf for books.

Here's the painted finished dresser.  I used the original hardware because it was so cute.  It's 12" across (13" across on the top).  Oh, and I found some cute little square-ish legs that fit on the bottom so that it was exactly the right height for a nightstand.

Right where I want it :)  Someday, when basement renos are done my room won't be so squishy, but for now this is ideal!

Now that I'm feeling better and the weather is looking up I'm hoping to get a few more projects done in the near future.  I have this little "beauty" 1/2 done - turning into something completely different.

and I picked up a stack of these windows that I really want to play with.....hmmm...what to make first...??

Making cleaning up FUN with the Epson LW-400 and a new project

Wait...before I start, I have to tell you a quick, cool story about how God provides for me :)
I found this vintage Davenport at the MCC store a few weeks ago.  It was in excellent shape, original olive, velvet fabric, mechanisms all working....gorgeous antique.  For $25. I couldn't leave it there, could I?  I couldn't decide if I was going to paint out the wood in a nice dark Chocolate brown....or maybe overhaul the whole thing with white glossy wood and a hot pink fabric....but, while I tried to decide a friend, who knew that I needed money that week (a pedicure appointment coming up, just bought drywall and studs to finish out the basement, and groceries), dared me to put it up on Kijiji just for fun to see if anyone would buy it "as is."  Knowing that I really loved it and would loved to have done it as a project, I listed it high....and sold it the next day LOL...for $300.  I really, really wish I had space and time to set up a little shop and do this kind of turn-around thing more often....I leave so many treasures sitting b/c I don't have the space to do this.  BUT, for now....a peek at how sometimes God provides when I need it the most :)

 And now, on to Epson.  I love this company - if you read my blog or facebook page at all, you'll know that!!  I took the LW-400 Labelmaker that they sent me over to a friend's house a few weeks ago (because my friend was drooling even while reading about it on my blog).  This thing is so easy to use, even her kids used it while they sorted and labeled stuff in their playroom!!    

Rayna - typing in her toy-names and adding pretty pictures to label her toys:

Macy - label ready for the "Littlest Pet Shop" bin

 Who doesn't love stickers!! 
 I think this machine would convince ANY kid that organizing and cleaning up is fun!! 

And, Bev - couldn't resist the chance to play too :) 

Newly labeled Arts & Crafts bins:

Newly labeled Toy bins: 

 And then, Bev got really excited.  Their family, together with some other relatives, owns a cabin.  One of the troubles with owning a cabin with other people is that things aren't always as you left them the last time you used the cabin - in particular - bedding.  Bedding goes home to get washed and then brought back and put into the linen closet but not always on the right shelves, right?  
So Bev's great idea was to use this roll of tape:  (Iron-on Fabric (black on pink) tape)

Product Image 
To make this:  A strip of labels that she can cut apart, and iron on to the hem of each sheet - pink for Twin, blue for Queen - so that no matter which shelf the sheets get put on, you'll always be able to tell immediately which sheets you're pulling down.  After all....after a long day of boating and skiing, who wants to spend 1/2 hour finding a sheet for your bed??  Not Bev, obviously.  Love you Bev....I think you're a genius!

Ok, enough labeling.  Well....there's never enough labeling, but enough of me telling you about it....for now.

I've been doing some scrapbooking - which I'll tell you about in a future post.  Actual layouts - I's been awhile.  And I've got some furniture painted which I am IN LOVE with - pieces that I'm actually using in my bedroom as we speak!!  Also a future post.  

For now, here's a quick peek at my latest purchase:
I've got plans for at least 2 of these large ones (artwork), a couple of smaller ones (framing a mirror) and a third project with a window that's sectioned into 3 panes.  I can't wait.  The TIME factor is in my way again so for now I'm pinning all my ideas away happily on Pinterest and dreaming late into the nights of all the projects I'll get to do with these!!  

Fingers crossed - National Scrapbooking Day!!

I've got my fingers crossed that, on Saturday May 5th (National Scrapbooking Day)...
a.) the housework will be done early in the morning
b.) the kids will be happy, busy, or elsewhere occupied
c.) no emergencies will come up
d.) I'll have time to sit and scrapbook....For. Fun.  It's been way too long since it's been a play-time for me and I'm so looking forward to this online crop:
Big Picture Classes
I can't wait to see what comes of a weekend of inspiration!! 
It's a free event - no cost at all (which is right up my low-budget alley) and there are great prizes too....not expecting to win any but the anticipation of maybe winning is always fun too :)

Come join me!!