Back Scrapping too!

It's been awhile since I've scrapped....I mean more than a couple seconds here and there. Working full time has really been cramping my style :)

So here is one of my newest, "favouritest" projects:
I found this wooden box at a thrift store....actually, a friend who knows my fetish for all things alterable, found it and bought it for me, saying, "I'm sure you can make something out of this!" Thanks Lynette! I've been saving it until I had Valentine-ish paper because it screamed mailbox to me. This is one of the projects I just completed for my January Scraphoria DT work. If you want to see the rest of my projects this month.....check out my Art Blog.

It's amazing to me how utterly SANE and at peace I feel after an hour of creating. Thanks for looking.


Oh Scrap!! said...

I love it!! i need to start scrapping and stop organizing and cleaning right??

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy!!!
It's David Watson. Like, email me, eh?