Winner Winner - cat food dinner.

Mica entered Bear (her hedgehog) in the Pet show at the mall this weekend and shared 1st place in the "most unusual pet" catagory with the Bearded Dragon beside her....but took home Fan's choice award (decided by applause) at the end - $100 GC to the mall. And what is the first thing she thinks of when she has $100 to blow all her own? She wanted to go ask the bearded dragon's owner (second place in the Fan's choice) what the dragon liked so she could buy something for it from the pet store. Does she have a big heart, or what? We're making her think it over for a day or two so she doesn't buy something she regrets but topping her list are cat-food treats for Bear (afterall, he did all the cuteness work) and a new Webkins so she can keep her online family happy and growing.