My Grandma, and Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg

ETA: This layout will be appearing in Making Memories "Big Book of Scrapbook Ideas" later in 2010....I'm really excited because I love this layout and I'm glad I got a chance to scrapbook a picture of my with my Grandmas since she won't be around too much longer :(

Guess what showed up on my doorstep last week......Cosmo Cricket's NUTMEG. I know I've said it before but seriously people - CC's lines get cuter and cuter every single time. Earth Love is probably my favourite but the little birdies and squirrels in Nutmeg are tooooo cute!

Anyway, all the little stickers and chipboard sayings inspired me to dig out this photo of me & my Grandma that I've been saving to scrapbook with something special. She's in a home now and probably won't be around for much, much longer...and she's my step-Grandma to begin with...but this woman prays for me like no one else and has taught me so much about the importance of loving your family, doing the right thing and keeping everyone covered in prayer.


The Biehns said...

I absolutely love that LO Cathy...and I have to agree that CC paper looks amazing!! Miss you!

Steph Devlin said...

Cathy, hey there girl, thanks so much for visiting my blog - Im so glad you were inspired by the mixed media project!!!
If you end up creating something, don't forget to swing it by me so I can pop it in my gallery xo
That layout is gorgeous by the way. You two look like you have such a precious relationship.
Keep in touch OK.
Steph xo

Lydia said...

Yah I love that line to, love what you did with it, great title and stitching