Happy Birthday to me :)

I had a birthday this past weekend.
When my husband came home from a "quick errand" just before lunch, he called the kids outside and they loaded up a gift bag for me. Here's what was in it:

FIRST: A Thick layer of Blue Tissue paper.

A container of delicious Icy Squares (chocolate made in Germany, but I think this may be a Canadian delicacy....I haven't seen them in the US) and definitely a blast from my childhood when they used to be $.05 each at the store :)

MORE Blue tissue paper
and then a package of Andes Mints...think Olive Garden mints....Mmmmmmmm. These are so yummy and even though I want to eat the whole box at once, I wont. I've been sharing :)

MORE Blue tissue paper
and then a box of these....Ferrero Rocher. Hazelnut goodness wrapped in chocolate, wrapped in more hazelnut goodness. How can you go wrong?

I sensed a theme by this time and I could feel that the bag was still quite heavy so I was expecting the Mother-load of chocolate at the bottom....and I lifted up

The Final layer of Blue tissue paper
to reveal this:

A Metallic Pink Nintendo DS Lite.
I think the boys were tired of having to come find theirs on my nightstand when they wanted to use them so the kids told DH that what I really wanted for my birthday was a DS. How fun!

Anyway, that's my gift from my family. They're so sweet. And I'm so old. Every year I look back and evaluate, sometimes I even do a layout about my birthday and how I feel about it. This year I'm feeling old and tired and I think, instead of doing a layout, I'll curl up with my new DS and have a nap. I'll scrap my birthday later :)


Maria said...

First of all, you're NOT 'so old'!!!! Second of all, I'm expecting you to share some of that chocolate with me, and thirdly, you'd better rest up for our 'all nighter' on Friday ;-)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Happy Birthday! I LOVE that you got a Nintendo DS - pink no less :) I need to steal mine back from my sister.

Karel said...

Hi Cathy,
Belated Happy birthday!
Play on like a 15-year-old