Look what I found :)

The kids & I went for a walk today - needed something from the drugstore, peeked into the Pawn Shop to see if there were extra Gamecube controllers, and of course, stopped at my favourite haunt, the MCC store. Today I found 2 treasures (combined, under $1).

This awesome, very large 7-UP pedastal glass that will hold scissors and pens on my scrapdesk:

and this cute little rectangular Pyrex dish....
I'm not sure what's going in here but it was WAY too cute to pass up.

Here it is in my hand....so you can see how tiny it is.

I also found some cupboards that I'd love to have - I think they came from our local MTS (telephone company) store - they're beautiful locking cabinetry on the bottom, a black countertop and then glass doored upper cabinets with slat board in them. OH Man...that would be sweet in a new scrapbook room. Hmmmm.....we'll have to see how basement renos go.


Maria said...

Oh my goodness!! If you're ever looking for a new home for that little pyrex cutie - I know someone who would love it ;-) Very cute and I love the 7 Up glass too!