Rose Moka work

I have to my team, mostly....I've had Rose Moka creations ready to go for awhile and I've been a slacker at getting this stuff posted to my blog and gallery. I'm so crazy about this paper - it's so beautiful - amazing colours, great weight....I think I'm smitten. So, without further are a few of my latest creations with Rose Moka: (By the way - check out their blog for a sneak peek at their new fall line...delicious!)

(imagine how excited I was that my boys' football uniforms matched this teal/yellow paper)

(my biggest issue with gorgeous paper, is how to make the first cuts....I'm such a hoarder. This seemed like a great solution to that)

My second Tim's layout using a label from the coffee can....but this time en francais :) ETA: The editor-in-chief of Style & Scrap magazine apparently likes this layout. I think I like her A Lot :)


rafales said...

wow!!! great work dear!!!

Jodi said...

wow, beautiful, beautiful work.