No picture today....but I've been asked by some family members if they could have the link to my blog so....Yes, you can...and I guess I'd better keep this better updated from now on, eh?

This weekend is finally over. I love family time. LOVE it! But I also love getting back into routine and having my family under my roof, kwim? Steve & Suze were out for a reception to celebrate their Dec. wedding. So fun to see them again - they seem like a perfect match for each other and she fits in so well with our family. We're very lucky to have her. And Kev & Alanne were out too with the boys - that's always good. Again - it took our boys about 1/2 a second to jump in and resume playing where they left off at Christmastime. If they weren't cousins....they'd still be friends!

That's it for now. I'll try to find some great pics to go with the next post!!