I used to have a sign up in my locker in high school that said, "Deadlines Amuse Me." What it should have said, or what my sign would say NOW, is that "Deadlines Inspire Me." When I first applied for a couple of Design Teams I said in my application that I loved deadlines and the challenge of completing something on a deadline. I also told companies that I loved the challenge of completing projects with a limited amount of product (ie: a kit). Well....2 of my kits came this week and they were more fun than I ever imagined they'd be. My Paperdillies kit commitment is to do a 6-page album and over the past weekend, I finished my first album from their kit which ended up being 25 pages long (44 pictures!!). My Scrappy Giraffe kit came on Friday and I've already got one jewelry box done and I'm on my way downstairs right now to play some more - it's so full of yumminess!! Take a look at my new projects on MY ART blog!!


Alicia Barry said...

Glad your kit arrived Cathy. Keep having fun with it.