I know lots of people are waiting for before-and-after photos of the Dome I moved into.....and they're me.  I'm finally off work for the summer and can devote more than 5 minutes a day to renos.  So the before-and-after shots ARE coming.  I promise.  I've already done lots around here and I've got a few more major things to finish up.

In the mean was time for a little bit of a personal before-and-after makeover.

This is me - before.  My hair grows like CRAZY....and last year I made a "huge" change and finally cut bangs but this time it was time for a real change.

After:  Shorty-short-short.  I love it.  I feel like this might be my best weight-loss plan ever.  Looking forward to no time spent in the bathroom doing my hair, no headaches from ponytails, and hats!

THANK YOU so much to Elisa Griffin-Boily at Serenity Spa (which just happens to be a 2 minute walk from my house!) She's amazing!!!!


Rita Barakat said...

Holy cow girl! That is a huge change! Well you look fabulous!(both ways) and I went short this year too - I would like to say much easier but there are way more products involved being short! Anyways!s good for you! Miss ya! Big hug

Crystal said...

Love it! And it makes you look younger!

Anonymous said...

Thought it was a trick & you had sent a pic of your daughter-really! had to look twice. You look & are amazing! Mom