Softball Finals and the Fair

As if we really needed more sun after that field trip - Friday night and all day Saturday Mica had softball finals. She played really hard - most of her team did - but it was a VERY long day for these girls. They came in 4th out of 5 teams losing finally in the bronze medal round. Then on the way home we stopped to use up some free ride coupons Trev had for the fair at the mall. The boys had a blast (as you can see) on their favourite - The Dragon Wagon....and Mica, our usually go-go-go ride girl, puked after the Pirate Ship ride (Poor thing - it was just too much after her day in the sun) but that turned out OK too 'cause now she has a story to tell everyone - LOL. We're going to try to find some shade and some sleep this week I think.
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Corinna said...

Great pictures! You have such beautiful children!