Grade 3 Critter-Dipping

This was my day today. My DD's grade 3 class went to St. Malo - a provincial park, beach, campground area around here and saw the spillway and went Critter Dipping. They had these nets (small strainers on a pole) and buckets and they set the kids loose in the marsh. At first the kids were cautious (I think they'd been told if they got too wet they'd have to sit out) but soon everyone who had rubber boots - including my DD and her friend here - were in WAY deeper than the boots were designed for. There was sloshing and slushing all the way back to our bus as these kids walked home in their boots full of water. One kid even caught the catfish in the bucket by having it swim into his boot as he was wading. Mica's friend caught the big bug in the bottom right corner - really gross - except it's a dragonfly nymph - it'll shed it's shell and turn into a dragonfly....ain't God crazy-creative??
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