Daily: Dec. 6 Love my Ipod

I love my Ipod. I've been using it pretty consistently for the last couple of months when I walk on my treadmill....which has an Ipod dock on it :) I'm by no means loving the exercise....but several times a week it becomes a little bit of therapy for me - physical (speedwalk), mental (I can't hear/see anything else going on in my life) and spiritual (I'm accompanied on my walk by Remedy Drive, Reliant K, Nevertheless, Mercy Me, Matt Maher, Lincoln Brewster, Laura Story & Francesca Battistelli). I haven't done it yet but I really need to move a few of these songs into a separate playlist on my Ipod so I have don't have to scroll through while I'm walking - I've been trying to figure out which songs are aproximately 4 mph. Wish me luck on keeping it up - that is not one of my strong points.
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Maria said...

apparently there's a website that says how many mph songs are - specifically for listening to while working out. i don't know the site, but you could google it.