Daily: Dec. 13 E, the clown

Instead of the regular, traditional evening Christmas concert program that we used to have in church, our church has started spreading the kids' performances out over all the Advent Sundays. 1st Sunday of Advent, the Grade 1 & 2's did their play; 2nd Sunday, the Preschool & Kindergartens did theirs; today, Egan performed with the Grade 3 & 4 classes.

He was "Clown #4" - you know, from the Christmas story....the 4 clowns?? Anyone? OK...not the nativity story, obviously. 4 clowns walk into a church (this is starting to sound like a joke) and notice candles burning thinking they're at a birthday party...yadayada...they talk about Who's birthday it really is, end of skit, enter the carollers.

I got a pretty good shot of Egan in his clown get-up but once he joined the singers and took off his clown wig it was a different story. They stuck him behind bigger kids and a teacher. Seriously, when is this kid going to hit his growth spurt....for crying out loud, his mother is 6 ft. tall and he's the shrimpiest kid in class so far. I'm a little worried that it's going to happen all in one summer. That'll be painful (for him, and for the clothing budget).

Sorry about the blurriness...I should have had my camera on a sports mode or something with all the bopping around they did during the Christmas carols.

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