Daily: Dec 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 Ooops.

OK, so.....I missed a few days. I forgot how busy the end of the school year usually is and add to that a Christmas banquet for DH's work and the Christmas gathering for my family over the weekend...well, ooops. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it but I forgot to pull out my camera at all this weekend at my parents house. So, a few days of my December daily album will be journaling only - but I knew that starting out :)

Dec. 17.
Thursday: second last day of school; quickly wrapping teacher gifts; friend over for coffee; MCC trip with my Dad (from whom I got my love of treasure-hunting by the way); supper (I made teriaki meatballs so I'm the hero around here!) with Mom, Dad & my brother (who hasn't been to our house in years), and then I stayed up till 2am helping proofread some projects for Clear Scraps.

Dec. 18.
Last day of school. I took these truffles to school with the note attached. I heard from more than one staff member that possibly they should have read the sign BEFORE eating what looked like simple chocolate truffles. This recipe is awesome. The first few moments all you taste is rich, dark, smooth chocolate. And then a few seconds in, the cayenne hits, right in the back of your throat. Not so burning hot that you need water, just an "Oh-yeah....there-it-is" kinda kick. Mmmmmm.
My day was fun today too - my student was away so in the morning I got to make help with Gingerbread houses in Kindergarten and at lunch, I helped out with a nacho/quessadilla/taco meal in the Grade 3 class. Yummy day! Tonight was also the Goldenwest Christmas banquet. Mom & Dad picked up the kids from us and DH & I went to his banquet. He had asked a few on-air people from Mix & CHVN to sit with us - a very good mix of people apparently because we laughed the entire time. It has been a long, long time since I've laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

Dec. 19
Saturday at my parents. No pictures to show. A very low-key day but fun to be with family. The kids all did their Christmas piano pieces for Grandma & Grandpa and they also took turns reading from the Christmas story (our tradition before gifts). I love that they all know how to, and love to read. They make me proud on a very regular basis. I also love that they insisted on this tradition - even to the point of wanting MORE of the Christmas story - we often stop before the wisemen come but they wanted to read the entire thing. ***mental note: right now at this moment in time, they are sponges....take advantage of that!!!!!

Dec. 20
Sunday. Church was so full this morning. On Christmas we do one service instead of 2 and so when we got there (just on time, not any too early), there were no seats downstairs, and definitely none on the balcony...but from the balcony I could see that the front 2 pews were still sparse, so we went all the way back down, and during a video, we snuck all the way to the front. In fact, I sat with the boys and DH sat with DD in front of us. During lunch at home later, we voted and decided that today was going to be Christmas for us. That is turning out to be our "Tradition" - that we don't have one and that anyday we can be together before Christmas is a good day to do presents and spend the time together. So, we napped, DH took the kids snowboarding/tobaganning and after a Christmas supper of take-out Chinese food (mmmmmmm), we did gifts in the evening and played :) This picture is the kids in their new Christmas PJ's - a tradition that usually happens Christmas Eve but in this case, happened just before supper.

And today, Dec. 21.
No school. Kids' friends over for the morning and plans to go to another friends for the afternoon. Coffee on and nothing on my agenda except some scrapbooking projects for Clear Scraps for CHA. It's already shaping up to be an awesome day!!
Plus, my blog's caught up :)

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