December Daily Album: Dec. 1

I'm going to try a December Daily album.....inspired by Ali Edwards

Ali's 2008 album

Ali's 2009 album

Basically it's a small album...a photo or journaling or both if you're so inspired for each day of December (either the whole month, or the days leading up to Christmas). I did a photo-a-day album last January and it was so much fun. In the next day or two I'm going to put the whole album together and then just pop in photos and journaling when the mood strikes....but for today, here's my photo and the reason I took it:

This is my driveway leading up to my house...on Dec. 1...the first snowfall that amounted to anything and the first time I had to shovel my driveway this year. You may think that shoveling would make me complain but in fact....shoveling my driveway always makes me pray. It may be the monotony of the actual shoveling but more likely it's the fact that having a concrete driveway at all reminds me of how blessed I am. I spent years shoveling off a gravel driveway (yuck) so I'm thankful for that reason, but it also reminds me how blessed I've been to have been able to be a stay-at-home-Mom to my kids when they were little and how much this driveway came to mean to me when I needed "another room" in my house for the noise of daycare kids and my own 3 busy little ones. This driveway has been the scene of many a picnic, hockey game, skateboarding championship, tie-dye party, chalk-outline who-dunnit, and neighbourhood chitchat. I am truly blessed.


Maria said...

That's awesome - can't wait to see your album :-)