Daily: Dec. 15 I won, I won!

I won! After 10 years of trying, I finally got my son (my 10-year-old) to like broccoli. Tonight for supper I made this:

Garlic & Broccoli Penne.

It was awesome (toot toot), and my middle son, after only a couple of bites, said, "in this, broccoli tastes yummy" (what sound does a jaw make when it hits the floor?). I guess it should not come as too much of a surprise. This is the kid who, when he was young, didn't like jell-o, or grapes and then one day, around 5 years old, he said, "I think I like Jell-o now." And, a few months later, "I like grapes now." Hmmmmm...? It should give me hope that someday he'll like other veggies and someday he'll like cleaning his room :)
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Maria said...

looks yummy :-)