DD: Dec. 2

I feel this December Daily attempt also turning into a Thankful album because the pictures I've taken so far (granted, it's only Dec.2) remind me of something I'm thankful for. I found these cute glasses at MCC (my local thrift store) here in town today. I found a couple other sets too - white & yellow flowers, and a teal & gold set that I gave my friend Maria for her Gorgeous Teal Kitchen. Anyway....Firost of all, these cups make me thankful for the treasure-trove of my MCC store - I have, over the years bought books, clothes, craft supplies, dishes, appliances, furniture, musical instruments, toys, music, man...you name it. All for really cheap - I never could have afforded to buy these things all NEW, and all the money I spend at MCC goes to Mennonite Central Committee to help with their relief efforts worldwide so I'm all for that! Secondly, these cups remind me that my kids are growing up fast and it's time that they didn't have to drink out of the plastic tupperware tumblers that I've had since their birth. Especially at big grown-up meals when we're eating steak and caesar salad or manicotti with spinach.....the plastic tumblers lend themselves much better to hot dogs and mac & cheese, don't you think? These simple 50 cent cups will totally make them feel (and hopefully act) grown up :)

Happy Dec. 2.
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Maria said...

Love your glasses - and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the teal & gold ones you bought me! They match our kitchen perfectly :-)