Daily: Dec. 16 E, the shepherd

Today was the school's Christmas concert. Only the grades 2 & 3's participate because we don't have the room for everyone's parents (the alternative is the Grade 5 & 6 Spring concert, and the grades 1 & 4's have a year off). Egan was a shepherd, which, you'd think would be a front-and-center kinda roll, but apparently the sheep they gave him was much bigger, and a much bigger "ham" than him so he was kinda hidden. During the very last song, he was looking around for us and I did manage to get a couple shots of his head. So cute in his beard :)

And, what concert evening would be complete without Grandma & Grandpa buying treats. It never fails, no matter which set of Grandparents are out for the show, the night usually ends up with either treats brought home, or a trip to Dairy Queen, or tonight: Tim Hortons.


Maria said...

cute cute photos! love your little shepherd :-)

Joanne said...

You ended up with a couple of great shots Cathy! Very cute!